Councillor wants better deal for pensioners

Te Puke councillor Mike Lally believes tenants in the Western Bay of Plenty District Council's pensioner flats deserve better. He says the council-owned flats in Lee St and Slater Place in Te Puke charge higher rents, and are of lesser quality,... Read More

New urban development regime

Redevelopment of exiting urban areas is set to become easier for developers and territorial authorities, while reducing appeal rights for the affected.Tauranga City councillors were briefed on the outline of the Government discussion document on Urban... Read More

Building exactly what you want

When Bevan and Lisa Hyland decided to build their new home, they decided to build with Signature Homes – a good decision, says Lisa. “It's the first time we've built so it can be a bit stressful, but we were taken through the... Read More

A solution to housing?

More than 300 Bay of Plenty residents seem to be looking for a different way forward – and they've shown their interest with their feet. The people packed into Mauao Performing Arts Centre in Mount Maunganui on Wednesday night were united... Read More

How clean is your carpet – really?

If you put a white sheet on your carpet or lounge suite – how often would you have to wash it? Every day, once a week, once a month? Colours and patterns on carpets and upholstery hide the dirt – but just because you don't see it, it... Read More