Catering for every occassion

Brooklyn has been a firm favourite place for me to dine for a long time, so I was pleased to be able to do this review for owner Rohan McCloskey. What do I like about Brooklyn? The surroundings always feel really relaxed and comfortable. It works for... Read More

Put a roast lamb on…

New Zealand lamb has been named the hero of the dinner table when ranked against other family favourites by Kiwi home cooks. Recent survey results show lamb is the standout choice ahead of chicken, beef and pork as New Zealanders most favourable meat... Read More

The truth about ‘real’ chocolate

Real chocolate is good for you! It is nutritious, easily digestible, and full of vitamins, minerals and a 93 per cent useable form of iron. Real chocolate is low in sugar with a low glycaemic index, keeping you full for longer and helping keep blood... Read More

There’s more than one way

They are one of nature's noble gifts so they deserve being treated with respect and style. As much respect and style as you can give an egg, a free-range egg of course. Except I have the ability to turn an egg, a poached egg, into a train wreck... Read More

Hunt on for NZ’s best food region

Kiwis nationwide are being encouraged to vote for their favourite spot for fresh food and dining in the Turners & Growers Outstanding Food Region 2017 competition. The 2017 Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards are being run by Marvellous Marketing... Read More

Eat your greens, get your gains

Just because you're pumping iron doesn't mean to have to be eating it in your red meats. Julie Therize-Conroy proves you can be superhuman, especially if you eat your greens. The vegan powerlifter says she's been plant-based for more... Read More

Spinning up smoothies to save food waste

While we usually crank out the whizzer when daylight saving shows its face, Tauranga's Lillybeth Melmoth has been slurping the cool food year-round. Even in winter. But her efforts have ramped up after winning a blender at a recipe swap breakfast... Read More

Happy kilojoule light Christmas

Can the words ‘healthy' and ‘Christmas dinner' be uttered in the same sentence? The concept of a healthy Christmas may seem absurd, after all, traditional Christmas kai like roast pork, crackling, plum pudding with brandy butter... Read More

The sweet success of Fruit in Schools

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says this year's expansion of the successful Fruit in Schools initiative to a record 547 schools has had a positive impact. “Children need to eat well in order to optimise their learning and that's why... Read More

A Kete full of Christmas

It's a simple Christmas thing – giving. “We wanted to do something for other people in the community who would appreciate or benefit from having a nice surprise land on their doorstep close to Christmas,” says Catherine Sylvester. The... Read More