Try a 'Lotato' today

The humble potato is not what it used to be. Lambasted by health fanatics worldwide for being too high in carbohydrates, there is now a low carb alternative – Lotatoes. The potato growers working with T&G (originally Turners & Growers) have produced... Read More

Divine gift of persimmon

The tree is a stunning specimen – broad-spreading angular branches, the fruit are like bright glossy orange Christmas baubles deliberately dangled from the tree and, in the fruit bowl and on the plate, they look and taste spectacular. They are... Read More

Is this meat really wild?

The concept of wild food is one I always find interesting for, as the old joke goes, “waiter is this meat really wild?” answer “Yes sir, it was absolutely furious when we shot it”. You can stop cringing now - that is the only... Read More

The big yeasty debate

The issue polarises families. They are one or the other. They are either Marmite or Vegemite. Like they are Protestant or Roman Catholic. They are never both. My family was Marmite. The next door neighbours were Vegemite. It defined us. But it's... Read More

Half of us need a coffee kick-start

If you feel you can't get through the morning without a coffee to kick-start things – don't worry, a new survey suggest you are not alone. A survey of 1902 Kiwis reveals 44 per cent need a coffee to get them going in the morning. Also,... Read More

It’s all about the flavour

What we eat is supposed to be fun and happy – not the scary and the competitive sport it is being portrayed as on our television screens. Delving into my Mediterranean food roots has reminded me that at the end of the day, it really is all about... Read More

Buffet dining at a new level

Would you like to dine on an entrée, main and dessert from just $39.90, or only $35.90 if you are a member? When you think buffet restaurant dining, forget thoughts of a few roast veges and some meat… Oak Tree Restaurant has so much to... Read More

Poached pear to remember

Like all chefs, there is a bit of a showman in me – some would say show pony – and so to get an ‘Oo-er' moment from an assembled crowd is, to be honest, what I do it for. Of course this is what I do for a living and what I realise... Read More

Country of origin labelling a step close

Bay of Plenty residents – along with fellow Kiwis – are one step closer to being able to identify exactly where the fruit and vegetables they purchase are from. The Consumers' Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill passed its... Read More

Bring out all the good stuff

Easter's coming, the musicians are warming up and the weather's going to be great –I hope! And that makes it time to celebrate before winter is upon us. How and why chocolate, eggs and bunny rabbits ended up being associated with Easter... Read More