Be smart about water use

Tauranga City Council wants to remind people about using water efficiently and effectively. TCC and fellow Bay of Plenty councils have joined forces with Irrigation New Zealand to run a summer ‘SMART Watering' campaign. The campaign offers... Read More

Peter spends his days with dahlias

Te Puke man Peter Burrell's passion for dahlias has grown from his wife Valerie. But not in the way you'd think. “Val was the North Island secretary for the National Dahlia Society of New Zealand. And it meant I had to her cart all... Read More

Be blown away by bromeliads

Bromeliads are exotic and stunning. They remind us of the tropics and sun drenched climates. They love the Bay of Plenty, they thrive in the heat and humidity – which is so challenging for many other plants – and they are at their seasonal... Read More

George’s kowhai under attack

Bethlehem man George Phillips planted his miniature kowhai tree about six or seven years ago. It's been doing well, flowering annually and has now grown to about one metre high. But this week he's been horrified to find it's under attack... Read More

Bird gardens the best kept secret!

It's often hard to find a good spot to take the family in the holidays. But I have the perfect place – and it's a destination that just keeps on giving to people young and old. My toddler loves entering Katikati Bird Gardens because... Read More

For the love of boysenberries

Craig McNaughton is carrying on a 30-year family tradition of growing boysenberries at Papamoa. And it's a tradition that let's many families – from the Bay and all over New Zealand – continue their own festive family pastimes.... Read More

Land a permit before lighting a fire

Cooking outdoors and enjoying an evening round a camp fire are synonymous with the Kiwi summer and for landowners, summer is also a time to light fires as part of cleaning up their properties. However, it is illegal to light a fire in the open without... Read More

It’s time to tie up those tomatoes

It's tomato growing season – and with this comes the need to stake tomatoes and keep tying them to the stakes as they grow. If you've got tomatoes in the ground and haven't staked them yet I suggest you get onto it. The general... Read More

Take a leaf out of Chris’ garden

He's 89 years old, he has no wrinkles, he still drives and he has a very unique garden. That's what The Weekend Sun got told about Chris Verhoeven on Ngatai Rd. So we gave him a call. Naturally, he was in between stints in his garden. But... Read More

Swap nature’s gifts

Home growers around Tauranga fill your baskets with the ground's goodies or the tree's treasures and gather at Red Square this weekend. As part of Downtown Tauranga's support of the Bay of Plenty Garden & Art Festival, it is hosting... Read More