Kids Corner

The cost of being in uniform

On the brink of the new school year research has confirmed uniforms are still a financial curse for many parents. And on the back of that research, the national clothing retailer Postie Plus has launched a range of cheaper generic uniforms to cater for... Read More

Ongoing learning important

Classrooms may be closed for 2016, but keeping children switched on to learning is a great way to mentally prepare them for the year ahead in 2017. ACG Tauranga principal Shawn Hutchinson encourages students to use their school holidays as a time to... Read More

Kids with the Christmas spirit

At this time of year most kids are busy dreaming about all of the presents they're going to wake up to on Christmas Day. But there are some who know others aren't as fortunate as them, so decide to do a little giving of their own. That was... Read More

Making a pledge towards healthy kids

Fonterra has pledged support to the New Zealand Ministry of Health's Healthy Kids' Industry Pledge, which aims to help reduce rates of obesity in children in New Zealand. In signing up to the Healthy Kids' Industry pledge, Fonterra... Read More

Stay water safe

Water skills and safety classes are being introduced to the BaySwim children's Learn to Swim programme in an attempt to combat alarming drowning figures. A total of 95 people have drowned in New Zealand this year already and Water Safety New Zealand... Read More

The secret redwood forest of Gate Pa

Below Gate Pa School is a gully with a small redwood forest tucked away out of sight. Not for much longer. “It will be a major walkway, part of the Tauranga cycleways and walkways,” says Gate Pa School principal Richard Inder. During the... Read More

A teddy bears’ fair at Athenree

Athenree Homestead's annual Vintage Market and Christmas fair is on this Sunday from 10am-2pm – and there will be heaps of teddy bears there. Event organiser Val New says teddy bears will set up around the dining room table in the homestead... Read More

A wonderful way to end the year

Pupils at ACG Tauranga will be taking a journey down the rabbit hole, having tea with the Mad Hatter and avoiding the wrath of the Red Queen this Friday, as they bring to life the weird and wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland. Adapted from the film... Read More

An accolade for Melissa’s passion

Seeing babies feel sand between their toes for the first time, and watching toddlers enjoy the novel texture of paint between their fingers is something Melissa Palmer revels in. “Every day is different – depending on the children, what their... Read More

Talking safe teen web surfing

Do you know what your teen views online? Or what they upload to the internet? And if they've encountered cyberbullying or pornography? Parents wanting to know how to communicate and educate safe internet use to their youth – and find some... Read More