Kids Corner

Jack joins school – just like everyone else

Jack Coombs is a different kid since The Weekend Sun last caught up with him February 2015. Back then Jack, who has a genetic hearing trait, along with his family were on a journey to regain sound in his life after receiving two cochlear implants. Jack... Read More

Cheering on special kids

Cheerleading is usually considered a sport only for the fittest, the fastest and the fiercest. But Bay Twisters manager Rebecca Grigson hopes to change that. Bay Twisters will be starting a new squad for disabled children and young adults aged four to... Read More

Parent seminar to explore child’s play

A free evening in Katikati titled ‘Go outside and play' is on offer for parents to explore how play builds children's brains and grows their creativity – and why screens cannot do either. The evening will be held on Thursday,... Read More

An insight into the life of a Plunket nurse

An interview series that reveals the challenges and rewards of life as a Plunket nurse has been launched by Plunket in a bid to raise awareness and funds for the organisation. The Making a Difference series is a feature of Plunket's 1000 Days to... Read More

NCEA results showing success

More students are achieving NCEA Level 2, the recognised minimum qualification for success, according to Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller. The provisional roll-based data shows national achievement in NCEA Level 2 has risen by one percentage point to 77.4... Read More

Schools to be supported by KidsCan

Sixteen Western Bay of Plenty Schools – including five taken off the waiting list – will this year receive support from KidsCan's programmes. Food, raincoats, shoes and basic health and hygiene items will be available to children in... Read More

Funding targets parenting and youth

Tauranga's Wright Family Foundation has started pumping substantial contributions into two parenting and youth programmes. The groups are The Parenting Place and the Brainwave Trust Aotearoa. “Both these organisations provide programmes which... Read More

The cost of being in uniform

On the brink of the new school year research has confirmed uniforms are still a financial curse for many parents. And on the back of that research, the national clothing retailer Postie Plus has launched a range of cheaper generic uniforms to cater for... Read More

Ongoing learning important

Classrooms may be closed for 2016, but keeping children switched on to learning is a great way to mentally prepare them for the year ahead in 2017. ACG Tauranga principal Shawn Hutchinson encourages students to use their school holidays as a time to... Read More

Kids with the Christmas spirit

At this time of year most kids are busy dreaming about all of the presents they're going to wake up to on Christmas Day. But there are some who know others aren't as fortunate as them, so decide to do a little giving of their own. That was... Read More