Lovely, quiet and looking for a home

Hi, my name is Carlie. I am a lovely, quiet girl looking for a new home. I had been looked after for a while with my kittens but unfortunately a change of circumstance meant we could not stay any longer. I was a little nervous at first, but I have come... Read More

More exploits of the chipoodle

It looked disgusting. It was disgusting. A little plastic specimen jar with a yellow top and containing eight tiny teeth. Two of which were tiny decayed teeth. I hadn't seen anything quite as disgusting since Russell Robinson brought his severed... Read More

All aflutter for the birds

What started with one budgie has bred, and it's bred a lot. Gwen Wilkinson from the Tauranga Bird Club says she grew up with a pet and that one bird has multiplied to more than 100. “It's just a hobby. As a child I had a pet budgie... Read More

Pooches in the pool

Have you ever wanted to take your dog down to the local swimming pool and just let them splash around? Well, this Sunday, April 23, you can. Tauranga's Memorial Pool is holding a day out for dogs, giving them and any brave owners the opportunity... Read More

More fur than one shelter can handle

They've got big ones and small ones, furry and cuddly ones – and they've got a myriad of colours to choose from. So which kitten will you take home? Tauranga SPCA has plenty of cats and kittens looking for adoption right now, and they're... Read More

It’s a dog’s life

Daylight saving is over, the pool's closed, we can put the speedos and goggles back in the smalls drawer. Except for that irrepressible show off and good time guy ‘Alfie' and his mates. They're readying for one last dunk of the... Read More

Lovely and looking for a home

Hi, my name is Diesel. I'm a very lovely old girl looking for a new home. Sadly, my owners moved overseas and my new home fell through at the last minute. I'm now here to find a forever home to live out my final years. I have very gorgeous... Read More

Alfie heads line-up at Doggy Day Out

Alfie's a show pony – a dog who's a show pony – a shameless show off and attention seeker. “When he gets playing he is a crazy little dog, who's amazing to watch” says doting owner Betty Hall, who is also Western... Read More

Put their paws in the sand – legally

If you are planning on taking your pooch out for a walk in the sand this summer, make sure you know the rules around dogs and beaches. There are specific rules for specific beaches as well as a handful of general rules for all dogs and dog owners. If... Read More

Papamoa’s princes

Frogs have been appearing overnight in Papamoa homes, to the delight of many residents. “If you find a frog in your house it's probably been attracted by the lights,” says Otago University's Professor Phil Bishop. “These... Read More