Health & Beauty

The Little Yoga Festival

Chakra giant silk flags, craft zones with luscious coloured pencils from Europe and cartridge paper-like art from the 80s. Soulful local musicians and food trucks, enriching workshops and curious talks. Emily Mowbray-Marks is keen to bring us out of... Read More

Warm, green and serene

It's hard to feel at your best if there's a knot forming in your back, or your shoulders are tensing up. Yet becoming your best self is easily within reach when you can relax both your mind and body.  Allowing yourself to fully relax... Read More

Floating in hammocks

Floating above earth in slings that can carry baby elephants. The idea of this conjured up thoughts of hammocks, floating, Dumbo the movie and storks delivering babies so I set off to check it out. I found Float Fitness owner Louise Kirkham's... Read More

Reaching youth with free healthcare

‘HBU?' In text speak it means ‘how about you?' and for young people in the Western Bay of Plenty who can't afford to see a doctor, it's proving to be a life-saver. The Western Bay of Plenty's Mobile Youth Health... Read More

Out-of-the-ordinary ice-creams

If you like ice-cream, hold on to your cone as you are going to fall in love with Duck Island ice-cream. With 17 flavours to select from, there will definitely be a favourite amongst them that will keep you going back! The most tempting for me are the... Read More

Understanding is everything

Pinc & Steel gives hope, strength and courage to many cancer patients throughout the Bay of Plenty. Therapist and physiotherapist Cath McFadyen says it's about minimising the side effects from cancer and the associated treatments. “We empower... Read More

A woman's choice

Tauranga mothers may not realise it, but they're paving the way for birthing mums around the country. The city's own primary birthing centre, Bethlehem Birthing Centre, has been a hit with mothers and families since it opened in November... Read More

Children’s fitness classes

It's the ideal situation for mums – your children are well-cared for, getting some good social stimulation and exercise. And you can go and have a coffee, get a sports massage, or have a workout, comfortable in the knowledge your children... Read More

Building on the beauty business

‘A gorgeous skin is the best accessory and since we wear it every day, let us make an effort to take care of it and protect it the same way it protects us'. This is one of Sanctum Beauty Therapy and Spa director and owner Lisa Shea's... Read More

Doctor discovers the healing power

“We're being brave,” says Jennie Rassell. Brave because Jennie and her colleagues Jeannette Moon and Dr Sandy Dinsdale are advocates of homeopathy – a branch of alternative medicine which has been much maligned. “How can... Read More