Art & Creativity

New York to Tauranga

When moving back to New Zealand from four years in New York, actor Tanya Horo chose Tauranga rather than Auckland as her new home. “One thing I took away from New York is that talent is not limited by geography. My industry is film and television,... Read More

Strong families

Sally Duncan is a starter and a doer, a leader who helped found and pioneer Parent to Parent, one of NZ's foremost parenting organisations. It came as no surprise to her recently to discover that her family predecessors were also enterprising and... Read More


  Gwen Bryce, a highly-stressed Hong Kong based lawyer, came for a visit to New Zealand with husband Lloyd. They fell in love with the country, and began anew way of living.  Nestled in the heart of pastoral Waikato, only 15 minutes from Cambridge,... Read More

Who is Buddy Mikaere?

For six years Buddy Mikaere has been closely involved with the aftermath of the Rena disaster as spokesperson for Ngai Te Hapu of Motiti Island, which appealed last year's decision to abandon the Rena on Astrolabe Reef. “It's been really... Read More

The chef and the onion

At the heart of Tauranga's emergency housing programme are some superb street food cooking classes. “Stephen Wilson is coming in regularly,” says Te Tuinga Whanau social worker Jena Young at one of the Cameron Rd houses. Chef Stephen... Read More

James Atutahi

Lovers of James Atutahi's carvings are in for a treat when Dry Dock Cafe shows a new exhibition of his work this month. Growing up in Maketu, James's family also originates from Northland, as his mother is of Nga Puhi and Ngati Hine, from... Read More

Inside Rob’s shed

The roller door goes up on Rob Hicks' green shed and an unbelievable sight greets us. Among the model planes, boats, uniforms, cars, and tanks is Rob's model for a Tauranga Historical Precinct. “This is what I thought you might want... Read More

Creative communities

“I'm all right in the summer, but I'm a dead loss in the winter,” Dawn Barber remembers saying when asked what she was going to do on her retirement. It was the early 90s and Dawn and her husband Ron had just sold Lindisfarne,... Read More

Tauranga music maestro

Murray Mason sees new change coming to the music tapestry of Tauranga. As Tauranga's Big Band music director for nearly 13 years, Murray has found one of the demands of his job – keeping the band full with members – both challenging... Read More

Man of many talents

There's a calm serenity in the way Robbie Lavën speaks, it's like Pachelbel's Canon verbalised. He's a thinker. Before every answer there's a slight pause, a half-beat, before offering up an insight with metronomic... Read More