Art & Creativity

Messy Church

I was being sent messages from a Facebook friend about a Death Cafe in Papamoa. And something about a messy church. Also, why was the movie ‘Monsters University' being screened in a funeral parlour? So many questions! What was going on over... Read More

Susan Harrison-Tustain

How many ways can I say ‘how marvellous'? I'm lost in the timelessness of the paintings of Susan Harrison-Tustain. Transcended to another place and time; and awed, I find her work quietly astonishing. Softly colourful and atmospheric,... Read More

Plaque from the past

Olive Love phoned me. “I've got something you need to see.” I knew she had a dozen or so donkeys, a large St Bernard dog named Frodo and a tortoise named Yoda. And a cat. I wondered what else she could possibly have, I was intrigued. She... Read More

Looking for the Regent

When I was nine, we moved from a dairy farm in Aka Aka, Waiuku to a citrus fruit orchard in Bethlehem. It was 1969 and I filled up my first film on my first camera with photos of the cows we'd left behind. Another ‘first' memory was... Read More

Sally Benning

Sally Benning, Mainstreet Manager for Greerton Village, has had substantial experience at the heart of retail communities. She's been in the role at Greerton Village for two years in October 2017. “I had been a mainstreet manager before in... Read More

Papamoa cruisers

Iain Bibby has a long rope as part of his bicycle kit. “If anyone breaks down I can tow them,” he says. He is meaning the possibility of any ‘Papamoa Cruiser' mobility scooter breaking down on one of their jaunts. Iain loads mobility... Read More

Spreading your wings

In life you are either a passenger or a pilot. Which one will it be? If you're leaning towards having more control, then take the plunge and really learn to soar with Solo Wings Aviation Centre in Tauranga. There's a knot of nerves settling... Read More

A unique kiwi style

Greg Straight is an Auckland-based artist and illustrator who spent his childhood drawing, surfing and spending his summer holidays with his family in Papamoa. “My aunty and uncle used to live on Papamoa Beach Rd and I have so many great memories... Read More

Health, wealth and waste

Kerri Wheeler, a graphic designer at Sun Media on The Strand, has four reasons for being delighted with her new-found ‘Pluto' diet.   Living in Katikati, Kerri works in Tauranga's CBD. During winter, this means leaving home and... Read More

Creature Tales

It's art that is travelling more than 1000 kilometers, crossing Cook Straight and making its way up here to be displayed at The Art Lounge NZ in Tauranga. It has been created by Christchurch artist Lynda Bell and will holiday in the sunny Bay while... Read More