Messy Church

I was being sent messages from a Facebook friend about a Death Cafe in Papamoa. And something about a messy church. Also, why was the movie ‘Monsters University' being screened in a funeral parlour? So many questions! What was going on over... Read More

Susan Harrison-Tustain

How many ways can I say ‘how marvellous'? I'm lost in the timelessness of the paintings of Susan Harrison-Tustain. Transcended to another place and time; and awed, I find her work quietly astonishing. Softly colourful and atmospheric,... Read More

Strategy and distraction

My sister Bev wasn't coping. We were in Taupo on a Friday night and she knew there would be garage sales the following morning but didn't know where. Coming from the South Canterbury town of Fairlie, population about 1000, garage sales aren't... Read More

Plaque from the past

Olive Love phoned me. “I've got something you need to see.” I knew she had a dozen or so donkeys, a large St Bernard dog named Frodo and a tortoise named Yoda. And a cat. I wondered what else she could possibly have, I was intrigued. She... Read More


Marineland is returning to the Mount, but not as we once knew it. Yesteryear's Marineland was located at Moturiki Island, also known as Leisure Island, and was previously an old quarry site in the early 1900s. Blasted out with explosives, the... Read More

Summer loving

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your indoor-outdoor flow just the way you want it. If you're wanting to treat yourself and your home, it could be time to get some new indoor furniture, and The Design Depot in... Read More

Kate Bruning

There's lots to love about Kate Bruning. Her kitchen is pink. There are swans heads floating out of platters on the walls. She has a large farmhouse table covered in a blue and white polka dot tablecloth. But it's her laughter while pouring... Read More

Looking for the Regent

When I was nine, we moved from a dairy farm in Aka Aka, Waiuku to a citrus fruit orchard in Bethlehem. It was 1969 and I filled up my first film on my first camera with photos of the cows we'd left behind. Another ‘first' memory was... Read More

Sally Benning

Sally Benning, Mainstreet Manager for Greerton Village, has had substantial experience at the heart of retail communities. She's been in the role at Greerton Village for two years in October 2017. “I had been a mainstreet manager before in... Read More

Transformational living

Teisha Paratene and her husband Wiremu have been running a community meal in Gate Pa for the past two years. They started off feeding their community outside their home in Arataki at Easter in 2015. “It was bands, bibles and bangers,” says... Read More

Heart of the home

For some, the kitchen is the highlight of a home. It's the place where people congregate, eat, talk, bond, and grow closer. You want a kitchen that works for you and for your family. And your dream kitchen may be Palazzo's next project. Palazzo... Read More

Pauline Cowens

The question for outgoing Tauranga Girls' College Principal Pauline Cowens is not about retiring, it's about what's coming next. And why she hardly has any selfies in her phone. Outside of college she photographs everyone, everywhere.... Read More

Family gardening

It's more than just a garden centre, and it's been more than just a garden centre for 50 years. Décor Gardenworld in Bethlehem is celebrating ‘the big 5-0' and to say thank you, they'll be passing on the presents... Read More

Papamoa cruisers

Iain Bibby has a long rope as part of his bicycle kit. “If anyone breaks down I can tow them,” he says. He is meaning the possibility of any ‘Papamoa Cruiser' mobility scooter breaking down on one of their jaunts. Iain loads mobility... Read More

Peter Kageyama

It matters that people fall in love with their city, says community development consultant Peter Kageyama. “City centres are the psychic centres of places,” he says. “Downtown is everybody's neighbourhood, so when downtown feels... Read More

Mid-century millennial

Forty sneaks up on you ever so quietly, and wafts a gentle breeze across your back as it flutters past. Fifty races up to you a few minutes later, and smacks you in the face like a Kenworth truck. For Tauranga's Karolyn Timarkos, it turned her... Read More

A new range of wines - with a twist!

I had been looking forward to our lunch date with Dan Shea from Mills Reef for a while, having heard a lot of talk about the new ‘Bespoke' range of wines. I am pleased to say, it was totally worth the wait! As always, perfect location, perfect... Read More

Renovate the kitchen

You can get the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle and fuss of a complete replacement. If your kitchen is functional, why re-design it and go through the stress of weeks of work to completely overhaul it? Instead, give it a makeover! The team... Read More


I heard that Carolie de Koster was running her cooking classes from her new kitchen in Omokoroa so I went along and joined in with the cheesemaking class. It was the coldest day in July but possibly the warmest-hearted kitchen in the Bay. The previous... Read More

Kyle Ashley

As a previsualisation or previs artist, Omokoroa resident Kyle Ashley works in a part of the modern film industry that many people don't know exists. “Your favourite action scene may have started out as some ideas in the mind of a previs... Read More