Art with a past

Two very different styles of art will soon call Tauranga's The Art Lounge NZ home. Sarah Albisser and Anya Mowll both have different art styles, and their creations will be on display until January 4. Sarah's collection ‘Line Complexity'... Read More

Meeters and Greeters

Cruise ship season got underway with the arrival of the 108,865 tonne Golden Princess on October 10. Over 80 cruise ships and thousands of passengers are expected in to the Port of Tauranga over 70 days, with two or three cruise ships coming on the same... Read More

Minden Makeover

The Minden Lookout has had a makeover in time for summer. The lookout at the top of Minden Road was built 40 years ago in 1977 by the Bethlehem Te Puna Lions and opened in 1978. Back then they were known as the Omokoroa Te Puna Lions. Brian Wright was... Read More

Virtually on Track

This summer, Sport Bay of Plenty is encouraging you to grab your sunhat, slap on some sunscreen and get out amongst nature with your smartphone in hand. Wait, what? But doesn't that go against the grain of putting down the digital devices in favour... Read More

A day away in the Bay

Magical Maketu is located on Okurei Point, just 20 minutes away from Bayfair. The Tauranga Eastern Link has pulled this coastal town closer to Tauranga, and along with it Newdicks Beach, which is on the south-eastern side of Okurei Point; and Little... Read More

Dream Chaser Foundation

After a 15-month battle with acute myeloid leukaemia, three-year-old Chace Topperwien's journey with cancer sadly ended. He left behind a family forever affected by the loss of a bright, cheeky and caring little guy, who in his brief life had... Read More

Jannine Bishop

My idea of a Mount Maunganui beach bonfire scene for a music video was simply a few logs thrown into a heap, with people sitting or jiving around it on the sand. I dragged driftwood together into a pile, texted Jannine Bishop, who was in charge of set... Read More

Jamie Harkins

Jamie Harkins has been painting Mount Maunganui street scenes at night, getting ready for an exhibition in February. But he's not painting the main tourist tootle along Maunganui Road and around the beach roads.   Instead he's slipped... Read More

All aboard Pépi Toot

Lesley Smith loves trains. As a school girl, little Lesley Carroll, as her name was then, would gaze out the windows of her Mount Maunganui classroom and watch the wharf “goings-on”. The school was later moved from Totara Street, and Lesley's... Read More

Look and feel great

It's important to feel comfortable in the skin you're in – it's the only one you'll have. So if you get an odd rash or want something checked, Skin Dermatology can help. Head dermatologist Dr Ben Tallon has plenty of experience... Read More

Devonshire tea at the Elms

  The South Pacific Packard Car Club decided to motor to the Bay and visit The Elms Te Papa Tauranga. A couple of committee members had visited about 12 months ago and were so impressed with what they saw, they wanted to bring the club down from... Read More

Antony Warnes

  Baz Mantis Photography Antony Warnes was re-introduced to a collection of his past paintings this week. The substantial oeuvre constitutes favourite and significant works gathered from people who have acquired pieces over a 50-year period. “I... Read More

Its a dog's world

  I've been told that dog owners in Tauranga are spoilt for choice with the large number of parks, reserves, beaches and public areas where they can exercise their dogs. However, Mount Maunganui Main Beach, Pilot Bay, Mauao, Moturiki Island,... Read More

Same but different

  When you fly in to Los Angeles you kind of hope that's smoke from forest fires you can see. But it's not. It's smog. You can see the air here. And you can taste it. It's not pleasant. In some months, you can feel it too... Read More

Future Machine infiltrates the city

  Wandering through the gardens at The Elms Te Papa Tauranga, one is suddenly aware of something new. Standing on the front lawn is a sculptural piece that appears to be concrete blocks stacked on top of each other. On closer inspection, it's... Read More

Comfort and style

  It's about quality, comfort and survival. It's about putting your money where it'll last. Contemporary Classics in Mount Maunganui is the place to go if you are looking to buy quality, long-lasting and comfortable furniture, and... Read More

Tauranga Art Lovers

Pete Morris was climbing Mauao one day last summer when he met Dr James Su, a visiting cruise ship passenger. The doctor was admiring the view but was also keen to see Tauranga's art. “His question to me was ‘where are the art galleries?'”... Read More

Brew Buddies

A canny synergy has come about through the new business collaboration between Mount Brewing Company and Funk Estate. Joining forces to form the production company Brew Buddies, both beer brands are now produced at the Newton Street site in Mount Maunganui.... Read More

Heather Anne Atkins

After coming out of brain tumour surgery, artist Heather Anne Atkins was told that she might be permanently blind. But it was through this hardship Heather picked up a paint brush began to make art. A pottery artist since the 1980s, Heather has had many... Read More

Kazel Cass

I was keen to get a bit more ‘green' - take more responsibility for my plastics, cans and bottles, aspire to greater self-sufficiency and find out more about worm farming. Not that I wanted to have a worm farm, but I had this hazy notion... Read More