Crafting tempting dishes

Bringing a Mediterranean style of cooking to your kitchen is easier than you think, and it's a small change that your taste buds will thank you for. Using quality ingredients makes simple meals come to life. Open a can of true Italian tomatoes... Read More

Man of many talents

There's a calm serenity in the way Robbie Lavën speaks, it's like Pachelbel's Canon verbalised. He's a thinker. Before every answer there's a slight pause, a half-beat, before offering up an insight with metronomic... Read More

A roller derby rebel

You walk past her and she stands out. Pink hair, bandana for a headband, funky reading glasses and a pretty face. An interesting, creative character. Caitlin Burns is a graphic designer by day, and by night, she'd “lay people out” if... Read More

A successful 14 years

An email comes through the newsroom desk with Trish Rae's signature on it. It's usually attached with a polite but direct instruction for publishing. The email goes unanswered, and the newsroom receives another email – a gentle reminder... Read More

Family away from home

It's the small things that capture children's attention – the twinkling sound of two wooden blocks in a metal bowl, the feeling of smooth polished wood under little toes, the brightly coloured markers on white paper. And it's... Read More

From waste to waist

Pies, pizzas, roast beef, a crate of fresh produce, bagels, international sweets, 20 dozen eggs, a sack of bakery food, 20 2L milk containers; all packed high into four full trolleys – and that's just today's haul. All from one supermarket,... Read More

Morris and his machines

Morris McFall believes there are three types of collectors. “There are hoarders; people who collect [items] and like to keep them in their working clothes. And people like me, who want make them look like new again and restore them to full working... Read More

A furniture hub

We're all different. We know what we like and what we don't like. It's what makes us unique. It's also what can make renovating a home, or buying new furniture so fun. Dad wants one of those as-seen-on-TV recliner chairs, the... Read More

A need for speed

They were slowing down from 250km/h. Don Watson in the lead, Bernie Gillon behind him and Peter Brock heading up the rear. Then it all went horribly wrong. Don's car somersaulted, landing upside down on a safety wall on the Mount Panorama race... Read More

Walking the high wire of life

There's a loud collective gasp as Keely Tyler-Dowd does ‘the drop'. It looks dangerous, potentially is dangerous. It's guaranteed to set a couple of hundred little hearts pounding and leave an equal numbers of little faces wide-eyed... Read More

Finding hope in a home

Rebecca and Nathan Christie have 11 children living with them this week. There could be another 11 there next week. Some stay for a week, some stay for a month, some will live there for years. And they will leave little legacies – crayon drawings... Read More

Familiar flooring

You know them, they're familiar. They've been with you for a while now – in your home, your friend's home, your office, school or hospital. Gerrand Floorings has been underfoot for more than 30 years. Gerrand Floorings'... Read More

Paula’s passion

She's been the face of a museum in Katikati for four years. One of the most controversial council legacies of the Western Bay of Plenty. The hardest time of her life. But Paula Gaelic's purpose stands strong in front of her toughest critics.... Read More

Cuttings and chats

In 1947 India and Pakistan gained independence from Britain, U.S. Air Force pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, and Anne Frank's ‘The Diary of a Young Girl' was published. People were watching Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope, Dorothy... Read More

Richard’s rocking birthday

“My daughter wanted these boots but I said: ‘Sorry darling they're mine',” he smiles. The attire is appropriate. The interview and photographs are to promote Richard's ‘75 Years of Frock ‘n' Roll'... Read More

A head-turner from the start

It's egg shape and bubble-like windows stop and shock many. “You often see people and their mouths drop open – especially when I open the front door and get out the front,” says Tauranga's Gaven Armit, who is talking about... Read More

Comfort and style

It's time to sort out your tired bathroom! Whether you are updating to suit the needs of a growing family, wanting something more accessible or are picturing the latest trends sitting in the most important room in your house, the team at Bay Bathroom... Read More

Creating the extraordinary

They stand out from the crowd. The one at the Mount nods to the timeless style and history of a weatherboard villa, while creating a relaxed vibe in keeping with it's beach location.The one in Omokoroa is commented on time and again for its stunning... Read More

February in three-part harmony

Tony Hicks is the third part of a three-part harmony. “But only by mistake.” He's part of that distinctive amalgam of sound that is the signature of The Hollies – the 1960s pop rock Hall of Famers, who are heading to Tauranga... Read More

Out-of-the-ordinary ice-creams

If you like ice-cream, hold on to your cone as you are going to fall in love with Duck Island ice-cream. With 17 flavours to select from, there will definitely be a favourite amongst them that will keep you going back! The most tempting for me are the... Read More