Classic, contemporary style

Word of mouth is a wonderful thing. And after 26 years of building a reputation for selling exclusive remarkable design furniture, Contemporary Classics has definitely got people talking. So often a customer will return to the Mount Maunganui store and... Read More

Escaping the rat race

New Zealand photographer and author Russell Meek has left the rat race behind. After two decades of globetrotting, the Kiwi landscape and commercial photographer and author has moved from Auckland to Mount Maunganui. “I'd just come back from... Read More

Understanding is everything

Pinc & Steel gives hope, strength and courage to many cancer patients throughout the Bay of Plenty. Therapist and physiotherapist Cath McFadyen says it's about minimising the side effects from cancer and the associated treatments. “We empower... Read More

A model lifestyle

Mount Maunganui's Melanie Jayne had a choice to make. A fantastic career opportunity in Auckland, or summer fun with son Ezekiel Bevan. It wasn't a tough choice. “For me, as a mother, family time is more important than any job. He's... Read More

Working with wax to make art

  It's an unusual art form – dripping hot wax to create images – but one Tauranga woman has embraced it with gusto. Local artist Jo Pedersen has been exploring the art form for several years, and says it adds a different dimension... Read More

A woman's choice

Tauranga mothers may not realise it, but they're paving the way for birthing mums around the country. The city's own primary birthing centre, Bethlehem Birthing Centre, has been a hit with mothers and families since it opened in November... Read More

Delectable delights

Life is all about treating yourself and those you care about. If you've been out in the garden, you deserve a break. If you've taken your dog for a walk or cycled around the Brookfield boardwalk, it's easy to pop in for a well-earned... Read More

The hobby of honey

Wayne Apiti throws out apiary terminology and jargon like a seasoned pro, but although he's been involved with bees for five years, he's new to the apiary game. “People were keeping hives on the family property, after signing Dad to... Read More

Restoring a little lady

When Simone Anderson is pitching caravan awnings for the hordes of Bay of Plenty holidaymakers in the hot sun this festive season she'll be thinking of the moment she finally gets to unwind with her beloved Olive. For the first time! “When... Read More

The therapy of Lego

Calais Janes was the engineer, Tyrone Te Pohe was the supplier, and Megan Clews was the builder. From an outside perspective, this scene looks like three children and an adult playing with Lego. But it's so much more than that. These three children... Read More

The colours of learning

Wild Willow, Teddy, Japonica, Butter and Brie – it sounds like the beginnings of a nursery rhyme. Fitting, given it's actually the colour palette of the recently-opened Elm Tree Early Learning Centre in central Tauranga. “The colours... Read More

Boat building a dragon

Paul de Wild is building a dragon is his kitchen. Drogon from ‘Game of Thrones'. Life size. Wearable. “This is our ‘normal,” says the boat builder by trade, referring to how he and wife Rozanne spend their spare time at... Read More

A social breakfast

There is nothing better to start the day than a ‘social breakfast'. It was a real pleasure to review the new breakfast menu for Mount Social Club. My first impressions when handed the menu were: ‘Wow, finally a breakfast menu with a... Read More

A fusion of engineering and beauty

It was a very special ring with a very special sparkle. The couple wanted diamonds – stones of all shapes and sizes: round, princess and baguette cut. “It challenged him as a jeweller, but the end result was something quite incredible,”... Read More

A story from the cowshed

Oil stains and grease-under-the-nails has always been a part of Sandra Phillips' life. That's what happens when you grow up in Dad's garage – and end up running it yourself. It was a father-daughter business, an empty space turned... Read More

Claire's Choices

December is upon us. Like most of you, I am left wondering where the year disappeared to? It's been a while since I wrote my wine columns, a subject dear to my heart. And I've had a lot of people ask me when I'm going to start writing... Read More

Five, six, seven, eight

“Five, six, seven, eight.” I move, turn, shake and shimmy to the beat in shadow of the choreographer. Dancers fill the two-storey purpose-built studio in downtown Santa Monica, Los Angeles. The atmosphere is pumping. The Jackson 5's... Read More

Summer in style

Is your outdoor living area ready for summer? If your outdoor lounge setting is looking a bit tired, or you're thinking of replacing the umbrella, now is the perfect time to do it. And Mitre 10 MEGA in Tauranga is the perfect place to go to for... Read More

A lab with X-factor style

  From the beaches of Indonesia to the beaches of Bay of Plenty – the shells of a decorative piece have travelled more than 7000 kilometres to end up in StyleXLab in Tauranga. The gorgeous handcrafted Christmas tree adorned with white shells... Read More

The benefits of bamboo

It's known as a highly versatile, natural resource – one of the world's fastest-growing plants. This special plant can reach maturity in about four years compared to the typical 25-70 years for commercial tree species. It's grown... Read More