Taking some downtime during the holidays

By: Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader

I have to admit to eating too much Christmas food. It’s so hard to resist the tempting offerings at the Bridges’ gatherings. I’ve also washed a lot of dishes and cooked up a storm on the barbecue. They are my main contributions to the domestic duties at this time of year. I come from a big family and I also have three children of my own, so we are all used to a packed table and lots of hands to help prepare and clean up.

And like many fellow New Zealanders I have a bit of downtime during the holiday season too. My family will probably laugh when I say that because I’m still working on ideas and plans for the National Party. I’ve had the chance to go through some of the answers we are receiving from our ‘Have Your Say’ campaigns.

This year we launched four campaigns focused on small businesses, the rural community, seniors, and families. We’re now asking for your feedback on what really matters to you. The questionnaires are straightforward and each one only takes a few minutes to fill out.

If you have some spare time and would like to contribute then head to: www.national.org.nz

The ideas you put forward will help us plan policy that we will be discussing with you next year.

It’s hard to believe 2019 is a couple of days away.

Thank you for reading my columns this year. I wish you a safe and happy New Year.