Fewer jobs and opportunities on the horizon

By: Todd Muller

Todd Talks
By Todd Muller

Fewer jobs and opportunities are on the horizon for hard working kiwi families as New Zealand faces a looming slowdown in the economy.

The simple fact is this: Labour inherited an economy growing three to four per cent year-on-year, but the Government has squandered that momentum with poor policies, more taxes and wasteful spending. A weaker economy means less money in the Government coffers for core services like health and education, and less money in your back pocket. Labour’s solution? More taxes.

Westpac’s employment confidence survey shows workers are less confident, while ANZ’s business confidence survey has dropped to a net negative 38 per cent expecting the economy to deteriorate.

Businesses have become gloomier about the economy and their own prospects and the Reserve Bank now says it may cut interest rates to support an economy that is slowing considerably.

This should be a real warning sign for the Government, but they continue to dismiss evidence that their policies are putting our economy at risk.

It’s time for the Government to focus on policies that help New Zealand to get ahead and prosper instead of discouraging enterprise and putting roadblocks in the way of our innovators and entrepreneurs.