Follow the yellow brick road, or is it the Golden Path?

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Matt Martin

Either way, the path is hazy and at times difficult to find - mainly because this beer has been so popular it's often sold out.

Originally brewed for the Burger Wellington festival in September of 2019, the wizards at Garage Project have produced this very sessionable hazy India Pale Ale that's now back on the shelves across the country - so get it while it's cold.

While the hazy IPA and pale ale trend is still in full swing, Kiwi brewers have been experimenting with lower alcohol versions of the popular style.

Some have been more successful than others, and I'm pleased to say Garage Project's Golden Path is one of those success stories.

Golden Path is still a juicy, hazy, hop bomb with surprisingly restrained alcohol content. At four per cent, it's never going to be as luscious as its more full-bodied cousins but there are multiple payoffs - it's cheaper, it has loads of tropical fruit character, and you can guzzle a few more if need be.

A generous addition of Golden Naked Oats and Mosaic, Columbus and Strata hops create a beer bursting with flavour, with a balance and body belying its moderate strength.

So don't be the Cowardly Lion, take a trip down the Golden Path, I think you'll find it's well worth the journey.

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Garage Project Golden Path

  • Hazy session IPA
  • 4% ABV
  • Mosaic, Columbus and Strata hops
  • Golden Naked oats
  • English Maris Otter malt