No clarity in systems

By: Todd Muller

Todd Talks
with Todd Muller
National MP

In response to multiple requests for clarity about when New Zealand will relax Covid restrictions, the government has advised that when 90 per cent of eligible New Zealanders are double-vaccinated then we will move from the current levels to a new traffic light system that is actually no clearer than the system we’ve had in place since last March.

The major issue with this target though, is that it relies on everyone in New Zealand doing their bit for the good of the country by getting vaccinated. Unfortunately, some people lack the concept of greater good and a mixture of apathy and misinformation is likely to hinder our country’s return to normality. The more people hear a point of view, the more credence they give it, even if it is wrong.

Anti-vax sentiment is a big problem on top of delays in the vaccine roll out; we are up against an alarming number of Kiwis who simply refuse to get vaccinated. Anyone who doubts the safety of the Pfizer vaccine is invited to view a document debunking popular vaccine myths, provided by Dr Michelle Dickinson, MNZM, a respected scientist with a PhD in Biomedical and Materials Engineering.

I urge you to read Dr Dickinson’s responses to concerns you may have heard about the Pfizer testing status, long term safety data, genetic modification, DNA modification, vaccine ingredients, side effects, efficacy, fertility, pregnancy and more.

You can view this document at:

Please make your vaccination decision based on science, not on fearmongering being spread by anti-vaxxers. And please see your doctor if you have any personal health concerns before making your decision.