Relief for ‘cost of living’ pressures

By: Tamati Coffey

Tamati Coffey
Labour List MP

Since coming into government, Labour has worked hard to support Kiwis. This month, we’ve taken the next step, with a suite of changes coming into force on April 1 that will see the majority of New Zealand families better off.

The rising cost of living, driven by global inflation and the war in Ukraine, is making things tough for us right now – including members of our community here in the Waiariki.

The April 1 changes are part of this work, giving Kiwi families, caregivers, pensioners, and students – among others – a significant income boost. Our improvements to Working for Families alone will see around 60 per cent of all families better off by an average of $20 per week. Families will also benefit from increases to initiatives like the Family Tax Credit and Best Start, which helps parents with the cost of a newborn. On top of that, our changes to Childcare Assistance income thresholds will benefit around 1000 families.

Both the Student Allowance and Student Loan Living Costs increase by $25 this week, while main benefits increase by up to $35 a week. Thanks to our minimum wage boost full-time minimum wage workers will earn an extra $48 a week.

Single people on Superannuation will get an income boost of $52 a fortnight, while couples will receive $80 extra. In addition, from May 1, the Winter Energy Payment will kick in again, to assist more than one million people with heating bills through the colder months.

We’re committed to securing our recovery from Covid and the work we’re doing to support households with the cost of living is just one way we’re making that a reality.