A boost for our economy, and a boost for Kiwi households

By: Tamati Coffey

Tamati Coffey
Labour List MP

Around one million New Zealanders will now be warmer with less stress, thanks to the Winter Energy Payment resuming at the start of this month. Our Government introduced this payment to help seniors and families with heating cost of heating during the colder months. It’s simply about being able to run the heater when you need to.
We know there’s no silver bullet to fix the cost of living, but our Government is committed to boosting incomes and reducing pressures facing Kiwis. We recently delivered a package that saw the majority of families with more money in their pockets, and we’re taking action to ensure that Kiwis get a fair deal at the supermarket, among other things.

The start of May also saw New Zealand take the next step in our reconnection with the world. With our border reopening to eligible visitors from visa waiver countries, we can begin welcoming tourists again from countries like the USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, Korea, and Singapore.
Since welcoming back Australian tourists a few weeks ago, we’ve already seen a boost to our economy and an uptick in spending, which is great news for Kiwi businesses.
Welcoming back the world is the next step in our recovery plan - and the latest figures show this plan is working. Our economy is recovering faster than almost anywhere in the world. Unemployment is at a record low, GDP is growing, exports are up, and debt levels are much lower than many other countries.