Get bouncing these school holidays

Dialled Indoor Tramp Park is the latest and greatest form of entertainment in Tauranga. The park has had a complete re-build and is now three times the size that it was before.

Dialled Indoor Tramp Park provide the bounciest trampolines with a huge variety of wall tramps, boxes, platforms, basketball hoops, dodgeballs, foam pits and airbags for all of your bouncing adventures.

“Bring the kids along these school holidays for jump classes, super bounce session or standard bouncing activities, which are all guaranteed to ensure hours of fun,” says owner Kelvin Travers.

The entry fee is $15 and $10 for pre-schoolers. An entry fee includes an hour in the trampoline park and a free second hour in the new inflatable park.

Dialled Indoor Tramp Park also offers a Virtual Reality experience where you can choose from more than 80 games or experiences with the help of friendly and knowledgeable staff. Choose from Virtual Reality sports, shooting, or climbing with the world’s best touch controllers.

To book a session or for more information call 07 574 5923 or visit