Bay of Plenty’s ‘Hug a Pug’ Day

Rikki-Lee Armitage (blonde hair) and Karen Vermaak (brown hair). Photo: Tracy Hardy.

The Bay of Plenty Pug Club, a Facebook group for pug owners in the Bay of Plenty, is holding a ‘Hug a Pug’ fundraiser to raise money for NZ Pug Rescue. The fundraiser will take place on Saturday, July 8 at the Zee Market, Elizabeth St, Tauranga. In addition to being able to ‘Hug a Pug’, there will also be a raffle for a basket of donated goodies.

NZ Pug Rescue provides medical care and rehoming to pugs in need, and is 100 per cent dependent on public donations. No pug is turned away, regardless of the state of their health. NZ Pug Rescue takes all the necessary steps to return a pug to wellness, and this often involves ongoing healthcare and medicine, including operations. The pugs then have to be homed, fed and registered. This can become very costly.

Due to the rising popularity of the pug and French bulldog, pet owners need to become more aware of the specific health needs and risks associated with these breeds, which if left neglected, can cause a dog to suffer. This includes encouraging potential pug owners to do their research before selecting a pup, to ensure they are dealing with an ethical and responsible breeder.

“Their past lives weren’t the best and we hope we can make up for that as best we can,” says NZ Pug Rescue carer, Brenda Gordon who currently has around 16 pugs in her care.

The fundraiser will be a great indoor activity for the whole family to enjoy. For more information on NZ Pug Rescue visit

To donate to NZ Pug Rescue search for ‘funding4theloveofpugrescue’ on the Givealittle website

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