Live, laugh and look your best

Daylight saving is just a few weeks away so it’s a great time to consider investing in some tried and tested cosmetic medicine treatments for the spring and summer social season.

Sharon Melrose from Rejuvenation Cosmetic Medicine specialises in administering dermal fillers (Restylane) and facial muscle relaxants (Botox, Dysport) to soften signs of facial ageing and enhance her clients’ individual beauty.

“I am of an age group that is typical of the clients that I advise and treat. I can sympathise with the desire to want to look good and feel our best. The boost in confidence that many clients experience after treatment is very rewarding,” says Sharon.

Treatments with Dysport, Botox and Restylane are a means of ‘evening up the odds’ in an environment that can prematurely age the skin through sun damage. Sharon says most clients seek treatments to refresh their unique facial characteristics and maintain a healthy, toned and youthful complexion.

Treatments are tailored to enhance each individual’s facial features and to minimise and soften some of the less desirable effects of facial ageing. Subtle improvements to facial features and contours can make an enormous difference to one’s overall appearance, helping people look refreshed and rejuvenated in a natural-looking way.

Sharon offers a complimentary consultation to assess which treatments will benefit her clients and plans an individual treatment programme according to expectations and budget.

For more information contact Sharon on (07) 552 6006