Relief work in early childhood centres

Photo: Relief teachers will likely be needed for a while to come.

Until there is a time when nobody is ever sick, has sick family members, takes holidays, attends training courses or permanent staff don’t leave, there will be a need for registered reliever teachers and unregistered relievers to help fill those gaps.

“Relieving provides flexibility. Permanent roles are not possible for all and relieving is a great way to gain some income while studying, caring for whanau, building one’s own business or simply a gentle way to gradually move into full retirement, says Stephen Goodman, ECE Consultants co-owner.

Not all relievers are short-term and looking for permanent work at a single centre. “Some of our team have been with ECE Consultants team for more than 10 years,” says Stephen.

“What all relievers must have is a love for children, a genuine interest in working with them and the flexibility to fit in with the permanent team and the centres’ way of doing things,” says Rachael Dean, the other owner of ECE Consultants. “Oh, and also energy.”

ECE Consultants has been providing early childhood education relievers to many of the wonderful early childhood centres throughout the Bay and the Waikato for more than 15 years.

Extra income and flexibility are not the only benefits of relieving. Despite a tertiary qualification, field-based experience can give teachers a different insight and knowledge. Past employees of ECE Consultants have commented on the value of a period of relieving, from the improvements to their practice, the increased understanding of different philosophies and being able to choose the career pathway that was really going to work for them, to being what reignited their passion for teaching under-fives.

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