Committed to making a difference

Learning Matters support people with learning difficulties aged 4 years to adult.

On a day-to-day basis, most of us wouldn’t think twice about our reading, writing, spelling or maths skills.

But these skills don’t come naturally to some people, and can be a daily struggle.

Learning Matters, now based in Tauranga, are your local learning specialists offering support for people with learning difficulties aged four years to adult.

They provide assessments, support sessions, consultancy services, resources and decodable texts to parents and schools.

The business was founded in Waikato in 2016 by director Carla McNeil, an experienced school principal and the parent of a dyslexic child.

“The vision was to create an option for families and schools which could provide a true wraparound approach to evidence based learning support,” explains Carla.

“So many parents have assessments where nothing changes. Intervention is crucial, and the earlier the better. Working alongside and with schools enables students to progress faster.

“It really does take a village to raise a child and children with a learning difference require a village who are knowledgeable and committed to making a difference.

“Raising awareness and building the knowledge and capabilities of others is what we do well.”

One student at Learning Matters that has significantly benefited in his learning during his time with the team is Jack.

“His confidence has grown,” says Carla, “and whilst reading is still a struggle, Jack is more willing now to give it a go and apply the skills he has learnt.

“We have seen a great improvement in his reading and in his attitude to his reading. Most importantly the skills that Jack is learning are sticking.”

To find out more about Learning Matters, call: 0275327646, email: or visit their Facebook page at:

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