Childcare like never seen before

A giant indoor fern is one of the centres many stand-out features. Photo: Bruce Barnard.

Fern Garden Preschool and Childcare Centre is a home away from home for you and your child.

The centre is owned by husband and wife team Nikeeta and Dr Darius Singh, and is one of the most talked about, personalised, inspirational and high quality education centres in the Bay of Plenty.

“We want you and your child to be awe-inspired every day,” says Nikeeta, “so we have designed our own wow-factors in our environment and learning programmes, to put your child on the steepest trajectory of hope and possibilities in life.

“We’ve invested heavily to create never before seen features in our centre, like our giant indoor fern tree where children can read, play or sleep, our cot rooms where children can sleep under the stars to peaceful music and soft twinkling star lights and our large covered outdoor playground for rain or hail play time.

“Your child’s nutrition is also important to us - that’s why we provide diet-specific and healthy meals every day by our qualified cook.”

The team has also invented an award-winning online learning system called Learning Roots and Shoots, giving each child a head start for school.

“Our newly invented model lets you visualise your child’s entire learning portfolio, trends and new directions during their most crucial early years, in a single evolving live tree diagram each week and month.”

The team is made up of the highest quality teachers.

“We hire and train the best teachers, and we have our own curriculum and quality manager.

“We also invest back into professional development of our teaching teams.”

Experience childcare like never before at the Fern Garden Preschool and Childcare Centre open day.

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