Avoiding winter’s slips and trips

Do you wear the heel out on your right shoe first?

Shane Barr from Shane Barr Shoe Repairs says it’s a strange phenomenon, but most people heel strike on the outside of their heels whilst walking. This leads to uneven, worn down heels. If you’ve done this to your boots, then you’ll know how frightening it can be, to stride out onto wet, slippery tiles.

“But don’t fret!” says Shane. “There’s great news ahead no matter how badly worn your heels are, even if they are worn into the heel block.”

You can have them repaired to match the original colour and size. And for extra peace of mind, Shane can attach grippy rubber heels to prevent any more spills. You can even consider lowering your heels, so you can walk more confidently.

Take your winter shoes and boots in for a freshen-up before the real cold of winter arrives.

Check out Shane Barr Shoe Repairs in Piccadilly Arcade, Tauranga. Quality craftmanship is guaranteed.