More than just a green thumb

Sustainability consultant Leo Murray explores alternatives to our economic system.

Sustainability isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a change in mindset that will enable future generations to enjoy our beautiful region.

At the BOP Garden and Art Festival’s Hub - Bloom in the Bay - there will be a range of presentations and workshops around the topic of sustainability and the importance of keeping it in mind when gardening.

The speakers will include Ruud Kleinpaste, also known as The Bug Man, Emma Cole from The Hawkers Wall, parks and recreation professional Geoff Canham, artist Dave Roy, The Elms staff of Bev Corbett, Troy Edgecombe and Rosie Burr, landscape architect Nichola Vague and sustainability consultant Leo Murray.

Speaker Leo, who is also BOP Garden and Art Festival’s zero waste manager, will be discussing what lies ‘Beyond Sustainability’, and re-framing our uncertain future to live with more, not less.

A second talk, ‘The Sustainability of Finance’, explores alternatives to our economic system, while a third discussion pairs big picture thinking with small scale solutions named ‘Why Waste? Think Global, Act Local’.

Another highlight of the festival is Ruud Kleinpaste’s presentation and workshop ‘How to murder your plants more slowly’, which will take a look at our own garden’s biodiversity.

Through this he will explain that bugs, fungi and all other critters, plants, and bacteria are the driving force of sustainability.

“The Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival supports sustainability,” says Festival director Marc Anderson, “and we welcome people to come and visit the 70 gardens on our trail and absorb some of our gardeners’ knowledge about this and how important it is in our environment.”

The BOP Garden and Art Festival and Bloom in the Bay will be held from November 15-18. Tickets are on sale now at:,, by calling: 0800 842 538 or visiting Baycourt.

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