Bring new life with some new colour

If it’s time to brighten up your kitchen, now’s the perfect time to call Peter Williamson of Williamson Spray Painting.

Peter can bring new life to your kitchen cupboards or that dark wood cabinet that just doesn’t quite match the rest of your modern furniture.

“Say for example that the kitchen works for you - it’s functional but you don’t like the colour – we’ll come and change the colour for you,” says Peter.

He can also paint furniture that’s looking a bit tired and make it look new and modern again.

“Some people throw away furniture items like little cupboards made of timber, but you can ring me up and I’ll come out and have a look and tell you if it’s worthwhile painting or not.”

And if you have interior and new doors that need a new coat of paint, Peter can spray paint those also.

For more information, give Peter a call on: 07 575 5638.

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