All life depends upon the soil

Go to Bay Topsoil for all of your soil needs

Bay Topsoil is a family owned business who have been in the earthmoving business for the past seven years. “We started operating Bay Topsoil at the beginning of 2019 and are in the process of making the Bay our home,” says Bay Topsoil’s Matt Balemi.

Spring has arrived and the guys at Bay Topsoil are able to provide you with a top-quality topsoil for your garden, lawn or bigger project.

“You can bring your trailer, or we can organise a truck for bigger loads,” says Matt.

“No amount is too small or too big. This quality topsoil is able to be sold at wholesale rates, screened or unscreened to everyone as there is no middleman.”

The team at Bay Topsoil are good guys and willing to help you any way they can.

“We are open five days a week 7am – 5pm and Saturdays by arrangement for bigger loads.

Give Matt a call anytime on 0800baysoil or 022 3955419 for all your topsoil needs.

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