A holistic approach


What can you expect when you come for a treatment of craniosacral therapy and reiki energy work with Glenda Ruddenklau?

People present with many and diverse symptoms.

A holistic approach that encompasses the whole body and its systems is much more likely to give lasting improvement. 
Whether it is a newborn baby or a 90-year-old, craniosacral therapy and reiki are a very safe, gentle and effective approach to the body. It releases soft tissue, spinal and meningeal membranes, improves fluid flow and aligns the bones of the spine and cranium. “It works at a very deep level without traumatising the body and is actually very pleasant and relaxing,” says Glenda.
Glenda has extensive experience working in pediatrics in craniosacral therapy and works with newborn babies a lot to alleviate colic and birth trauma. She is also qualified in emotional release healing.

Glenda is a certified therapist and has more than 20 years’ experience in both cranio and reiki.

For more information, visit: www.bodyworkoamaru.co.nz

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