Euro car specialist in Tauriko

If you’ve made the dream a reality – owning a European car like an Audi, a Volkswagen, or a Porsche – and you want to make sure you’re getting expert advice and treatment, Richard Ross from Euro Garage is the man to help.

Specialising in European cars, Richard has 10 years’ experience in Euros and knows his way around some of the best cars.

“I have the tools for most European cars and my workshop is specifically set up to handle European cars,” says Richard.

After working locally in a European workshop, Richard has moved and set up shop in The Lakes.

Keeping your car in tip top condition helps reduce the chance of parts’ failures and can help avoid expensive repairs.

Euro Garage can help with all repairs from cambelts, to suspension issues, brake repairs, servicing, electrical issues, WOF repairs and more.

Euro Garage also offers a full range of mechanical and electrical repairs for your European car.

They use top-quality lubricants and original equipment spec or genuine parts.

“Have a mechanical warranty? We have you covered, being provident and autosure approved.

“We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in European vehicles,” says Richard.

Put simply – if your European car needs work, Euro Garage is the place to go.

Euro Garage specialise in Audis, Volkswagens, Skodas, Ferraris, Volvos, Range Rovers, Porsches and Maseratis.

Give your car the treatment it deserves with Euro Garage. For more information, visit:

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