Effective learning for the kids

Tutor Caitlin McGeorge with Eden and Luke Wyatt.

NumberWorks’nWords was established in 1984 and is part of Crimson Education. The tuition caters for 11 levels of the school curriculum and NumberWorks’nWords centres collectively deliver more than 120,000 lessons every term.

NumberWorks’nWords is popular because it is effective. Students have individualised programmes following the NZ Curriculum, fine-tuned for their learning needs and school topics. All students have goals set, achievements are recognised along the way, and progress reports given to parents.

It’s their aim to provide personalised tuition that gives children the skills they need to work and reason with numbers. “We do find it to be true that some students struggle with maths at some stage in their development, while others appear to be born mathematicians, but we cater for both ends of the spectrum, and everyone in between,” NumberWorks’nWords tutor Leanne Rhodes-Robinson says.

NumberWorks’nWords also offers English tuition, which involves reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Words are an essential part of everyday life so reading and writing are vital life skills.

“I have both of my children enrolled at NumberWorks’nWords, my 8-year-old, Luke -and my 10-year-old Eden. Eden was really struggling with maths and didn’t have any confidence at all, but since spending one hour a week with the NumberWorks’nWords tutors, her confidence has grown immensely and her maths skills are up to speed. The tutors are all so lovely and I feel like they really know my children and understand their needs,” mother-of-two Amy Wyatt says.

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