Raw power

‘Indulge without guilt’ is Cecilia from Nurtured for Wellness’ catch phrase, so I took it upon myself to do just that. This was not hard and I jumped at the chance to review her raw food workshop.

Raw food has become popular lately with people becoming more aware of what they feed their body. Raw food is anything where you are eating uncooked and unprocessed food, or anything not heated above 44 degrees Celsius.

So if you are not lucky enough to be Cecilia’s husband Peter, or neighbours Anne and Mirella, then you probably need to get along to a workshop and absorb her wealth of knowledge about raw food. I went along to the cakes and snacks class with wide eyes and an empty stomach, along with 10 other wannabe raw chefs.

Carrot cake with lemon cream icing, date and cherry bars, chocolate shortbread, chocolate brownies, chocolate rum balls, apricot and coconut logs and the most popular, the mixed berry cheesecake, were on the menu and did not disappoint.

Everyone went back for seconds on the cheesecake and made positive noises for all of the treats on the plates passed around.

Cecilia’s cheerful personality made for a great relaxed afternoon where we inundated her with every question we had up our sleeve about raw food. She also showed us how to make almond milk, which is great as it doesn’t require getting up at 5.30am and sitting on an upturned bucket.

I came away from the class very enthusiastic and will be the envy of the office when I bring in my slices and cakes. I can’t see me sharing it though – maybe once, just to prove raw food is fantastic.

Cecilia’s next class will cover chocolate and all-time favourites on October 25. For more information, smail: info@nurturedforwellness.com Ph: 021 0244 5887 www.nurturedforwellness.com

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