Planning ahead for your pool

Pools Plus specialise in supplying and installing Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato areas.

These pools are pre-moulded and built in a climate-controlled factory with exceptional building standards, so you can be assured your fiberglass pool is made to the highest standard. They do not use or endorse the use of any filler in fiberglass pools.

The company is owned and operated by Andrew and Jocelyn McGillivray. Over the past 11 years, their team has grown from the original two members to eight full-time team members and three part-time.

They have installed more than 170 pools in the Bay of Plenty/Waikato, and this year’s bookings are quickly filling up, so Andrew recommends it is best to plan well ahead.

The McGillivray’s pool yard, at 120 Whakakake Street, Tauriko has pools available for viewing, so you can see the quality for yourself and hop in the pool without getting wet! Jocelyn recommends ringing ahead to ensure someone will be available to meet you.

Pools Plus is a family-run business who enjoy installing a product which can be enjoyed by families and bring value to people’s lifestyles. There is no need to leave home to have fun and entertainment.

As the New Zealand importer of the Barrier Reef brand, Pools Plus also supply other retailers throughout New Zealand. During an 11-year period, the retailer network has expanded throughout the North and South Islands.

Pools Plus offer a 24-month workmanship warranty for their installation, so you can be secure in the quality of their workmanship. Your Barrier Reef Pool comes with a lifetime structural warranty on the pool shell, so peace of mind is assured.

At the onsite consultation, a pool template can be laid out at your property to demonstrate the size of the pool and can  be moved around to help you choose the right spot.

After your consultation, you will be provided with a free, no-obligation quote with no hidden costs. They’ll give you a straight-up quote so you know exactly what your pool is going to cost. “Many clients have said this was a great help to them when planning their pool,” says Jocelyn.

Pools Plus offer a range of services and accessories, which include pool maintenance, pool covers, heat pumps and electric pool cleaners.

Many of their pool sales come via word of mouth, and they have clients that have installed more than one Barrier Reef Pool.

Reputation is very important to the Pools Plus team, and is the reason why they ensure they do a great job each and every time. Repeat sales do happen in the pool business.

The most memorable quote Jocelyn recalls came from a dairy farmer with a large family who, still to this day, after eight summers of having a Barrier Reef pool, says: “It was the best investment I ever made.”

Andrew and Jocelyn are looking to keep growing their business. Within the last year, Pools Plus has employed two more full-time members and are currently in the process of expanding the team further.

If you are looking for a pool, check  out their end-of-summer pool clearance deals running for three weeks only, from March 5-26.  

Call now and arrange a time to visit  the team at the pool yard or a meeting at your home.

The Pools Plus team look forward to meeting you.

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