Saving ponies, puppies, goats, kittens..

Rowan Elliott, age 20, has always been  an animal lover. “I’ve grown up with all sorts of animals and mum and dad never said no to anything,” says Rowan. It’s no surprise, that two years ago, a straight-forward cat rescue...... Read More

Paint one, find one, hide one

While walking through Yatton Park in winter, it’s clear something magical is happening. As I crunch along the frosty path, I hear squeals of laughter and excitement as a toddler bends down to pick something up. Clutched in a tiny hand is a small...... Read More

Mrs Krishnan is throwing a crazy party

I’ve been told that Indians throw crazy parties. And I’ve been invited! “What do they mean - crazy parties?” I  wondered as I glanced through a flyer for Mrs Krishnan’s Party. Reading on it says “Heard of Diwali?...... Read More

Winter twilight trains

I wrapped up warm and joined hundreds of people on a Saturday night in early July at the Palmerville Station. We were there to catch one of the twilight steam trains. Toots and laughter flowed out over the crisp night air as steam loudly puffed from...... Read More

Winter Whites

When we think about wine and winter, it’s generally  a cosy image of open fires, winter food and a glass of red wine that comes to mind. But, for those of us who just don’t love red wine (as much as we love white wine!), there are...... Read More

Ageing gracefully and beautifully

Although it’s a privilege to age, some of the less desirable effects of facial ageing prevent us from looking as well as we feel. “Each person has particular facial characteristics that distinguish them from millions of other people,”...... Read More

Son of the Mount returns

Leighton Fairlie is coming home to the Mount. This time with a seven-piece band, celebrating the release of his debut EP ‘Distant’. “This is the first time I won’t be using the loop pedal, but having a band to do what I do,”...... Read More

Dropping Simon Beaton

In early 2019 Simon Beaton decided to jump 10,000 feet. He told me this on a sunny Friday morning from the fifth floor  of the Devonport Towers. We sipped our coffee, looking out across the harbour towards the airport. Simon is one of those Clark...... Read More

John Baxter, Circles and Signs

I called in to see John Baxter at his  new home studio in Greerton. It was a warm, sunny day, with mandarins heavy on a tree, and Leo the dog peeping out from under the deck. The studio, a rustic, warm and insulated building, had arrived as two...... Read More

Remembering the children of war

Sienna Olsen,7 and Ella Mitchell, 14, have both received unique international arts recognition due in part to the benevolence of Paul Horak and Angela Howard. Both of the local students have received an Honorable Mention in the International Children’s...... Read More