Future proofing homes

There’s few things worse that a sub-par shower.

When the water’s a bit chilly or someone else used it all up, it can put a damper on your day.

But the Alternative Energy Company has a system that does away with bad showers – the eco-friendly way.

The Energie solar thermodynamic hot water system available from the Alternative Energy Company is unparalleled when it comes to producing cost-effective hot water.

In New Zealand, heating water can take up to 50 per cent of a household power bill, so investing in energy efficient technology makes sense.

The system consists of a lightweight aluminium solar panel, which works using a refrigerant, collecting heat from the sun, as well as from the surrounding atmosphere by natural convection, along with a hot water cylinder, which ranges from 200 to 500 litre storage.

Because the system is based on the temperature differential and does not rely on the sunshine alone, it is effective day and night whatever the weather.

The black solar panel is made from anodised aluminium and weighs only eight kilograms, so it does not require a consent.

Its dimensions are 2m x 800cm and it looks very smart and unobtrusive installed. One panel is sufficient for up to 300L capacity cylinder.

There are two models of domestic cylinder, the Eco and the Ecotop.

They are available in enamel or stainless steel, and all have a clean white exterior finish. All the cylinders have an electronic controller enabling different modes of operation. The controller is also PV (photo voltaic) panel compatible.

The Alternative Energy Company handles the refrigeration side of installation, including fixing the solar panels, paircoil pipework to the cylinder and commissioning the system. Once installed correctly it is a totally maintenance-free system.

This solar thermodynamic technology fits well with designs where energy efficiency and sustainability are important.

It future proofs homes from rising electricity prices and is a responsible environmental choice because it produces zero carbon emissions.

All while ensuring reliable, cost-effective hot water day and night, all year.

The Alternative Energy Company is committed to the environment, recycling or composting all waste from the office and recycling or reusing packaging in the warehouse wherever possible.

So if you want to think about upgrading your home the eco-friendly way, get in touch with the team at The Alternative Energy Company. There’s plenty of information on their website at: www.taec.co.nz or chat to one of the team in-person at the Tauranga Home Show.

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