Bread that stands out from the crowd

There’s no better smell than freshly baked bread, but not many of us are lucky enough to smell that heavenly scent on a regular basis.

The team at The Artisan Bread Bakers are lucky in that regard; they work Tuesday – Saturday baking fresh breads at their Pyes Pa bakery.

Bakers are notorious for early mornings and long hours, but The Artisan Bread Bakers’ Brooke De Leeuw says the ‘crazy lifestyle’ suits her and the team down to the ground.

“You definitely must be able to sleep in the daytime!” she says.

“Our morning routine is always hectic, as we prepare fresh daily our team have a lot to accomplish before the first load of customers at 5.45am.

“From there onwards it’s a constant flow of production, serve, make coffee, pack orders, pack and deliver wholesale orders ... its great fun.”

It’s something that Brooke and husband Joshua couldn’t help but pursue.

“We wanted to share our passion and creativity in food, and our love for the baking industry,” she says.

And Brooke says it’s more than their fantastic bread that sets them apart from the competition.

“I’m a Kiwi qualified and experienced baker, and Josh is a Dutch qualified and South African experienced baker, so we bring a combination of European/Kiwi favourites.

“We also produce products you can’t buy elsewhere, such as our very popular Dutch bolus – a sweet, sugary, cinnamon bun.”

When it comes to running a bakery, the way you prepare your dough is very important. For The Artisan Bread Bakers, it all comes down to their sourdough mother.

“Our sourdough mother is our baby. She is very important to our bakery, she’s the mother to our sourdough starters, we feed them and take care of them on a daily basis,” says Brooke.

“Our baking process is a little different to the standard bakery; we only use fresh yeast, we have breads that take longer than 12 hours from start to finish, and a lot of our breads use a long fermenting process to really get the maximum flavour out of each loaf.”

But what’s interesting about The Artisan Bread Bakers is their baking schedule – or rather, their customers’ purchasing schedule. It’s hard for Brooke to pin down a crowd favourite because of it.

“The most popular bread on a Tuesday and Wednesday is Dr Alison’s, Thursday and Fridays it’s our sourdough and grain loaves, but on Saturday it’s our rosemary sourdough and kumara sourdough that we just can’t keep up with demand, it’s amazing!

“On the sweet side, our bolus, croissants and huge muffins fly out the door on a daily basis.”

To try some fresh, delicious treats for yourself, pop into the store at 83 Pyes Pa Road, or order online at:

The Artisan Bread Bakers will be at the Tauranga Home Show, held at Trustpower Arena Baypark from May 7-9.

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