Still a girls’ best friend

Fashion comes and goes, but one thing remains – women the world over love a classic.

“Yes, diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend,” says gold buyer for Pascoes The Jewellers Jenna Evans. “Women’s love affair with diamonds has survived the decades.”

However, with a mindfield of options available in the jeweller stakes, where do you start when choosing a gift for your loved one, be it your partner, spouse, family member or friend?

This season’s trends include plenty of geometric shapes, as well as a fabulous array of statement earrings, including ear cuffs, ear climbers and jackets.

“There has also been a movement towards layering different shapes and styles and wearing an eclectic mix of jewellery together,” adds Jenna.

“The traditional rule of wearing just one metal colour, ie just silver or just yellow gold, is out in favour of mixing a wide range of coloured metals.”

When looking for a quality item to buy for yourself or someone else, Jenna recommends looking for a design to be cherished long term and one that works with your personality and lifestyle.

“If your budget allows, it can also be worth spending a little more on solid, classic pieces that you can expect to have in your jewellery box for years to come,” she adds.

“Think about the type of jewellery you or your loved one already wears and then consider everyday style – are you/they modern and trendy, or more classic and girly? This will determine important details such as if they would prefer fine jewellery or something a bit heavier.”

Complexion plays a big part in determining if silver or gold is best for you – pick the metal that’s most complementary.

“People with darker skin and yellow undertones should look to gold, while cooler complexions with rose undertones suit silver,” says Jenna. “It’s definitely important to consider your budget and personal preference too!”

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