Getting creative with saving penguins

I’ve decided to become a backyard trapper. I always loved watching Daniel Boone, America’s great frontiersman and explorer when I was growing up, and somehow  the word ‘trapping’ fits with a lost  childhood ideal. Trapping...... Read More

Baz Mantis, a musician helping musicians

Photo: Gerard Carmichael. I first met Baz Mantis when Marilyn Collins-Smith floated happily past me last October, Baz beside her, both dressed up ‘fab’.  I snapped a blurry phone photo,  capturing the moment. Later I realised...... Read More

Fun for everyone at BayStation

It’s the time of year where the stress  starts to mount, people forget to relax and things can get a bit overwhelming. But it’s still important to have a little fun! BayStation, located at Trustpower Baypark, offers all the fun you could...... Read More

Perfect on Tenth

Almost exactly two years ago  Dr Anuya Deshpande arrived in the Bay of Plenty from Gisborne, where she had been a GP and cosmetic doctor for 10 years. While many Aucklanders arrive here from the opposite direction looking to slow down, Dr Anuya...... Read More

Warm salad

Warm salad of peppered venison salami, halloumi and strawberries with pineapple and mango dressing Ingredients (serves four) 1 chip strawberries, halved and stalks removed 12-15 slices pepperoni salami 150 grams of halloumi cheese, sliced A few small...... Read More

From Tragedy to Success

Stepping into Barbara Wilson’s garage, one expects to see a car. Instead a large loom nearly fills the single garage space. “I used to have four of these,” says Barbara. “Circumstances got me into it when I lost the use of my...... Read More

Taking the next step

A friend of mine was hit by a train years ago, losing the ability to stand, talk and move anything much apart from his  face and one arm. We communicate, with some difficulty, through smiles and finger gestures and he’s able to indicate...... Read More

Andy McLay’s making waves

New competitive swimming coach Andy McLay has been making waves at the Papamoa Swimming Club. Arriving with wife Anna in June, Andy has come on board as the new head swimming coach, and is already seeing strong results, with the swim squad growing...... Read More

Chelsea Winter live!

I was quite excited to hear the news, now months ago, that best-selling  New Zealand cook book author Chelsea Winter had relocated from Auckland to Tauranga. Firstly because the herbs in my raised garden were doing themselves proud growing very...... Read More

Chelsea’s cheesecake

Base 350g biscuits (I used double chocolate cookies) 75g butter, softened (almost melted) Filling 250g cream cheese, at room temperature (not the spreadable kind) 200g mascarpone (or use extra cream cheese) 2 tsp vanilla paste or essence 350g good-quality...... Read More