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Dipping their toes in new waters

  Budding pro-swimmers from the Bay will be making their first splash into a new pool of challenges when they compete at a national competition this month.   Around 10 Liz van Welie swim school swimmers will be competing in their first...... Read More

Chinese cool with Kiwis

  Us New Zealanders tend to get upset when another country claims something that is ours as their own.   Take Phar Lap, the legendary racehorse. Many Kiwis believe his nationality lies with us, however he is known as an Australian horse....... Read More

The novelty of black toilet paper

  In a country that is home to the All Blacks, it’s fitting that everything should be covered in black - even your toilet paper! Which is why Julie Hignett started a more unusual fundraising event as part of the Rotary Club of Tauranga...... Read More

Mayor turns off the windscreen washer

  Last Monday no-one knew Shane Taki – he was just some toned, energetic young dude with a bare midriff and back-to-front cap, dancing around the Elizabeth Street intersection cleaning windscreens.     Come Tuesday, after...... Read More

When your head hits the pillow

With Fitbits and Garmins growing in popularity, people are beginning to think they know their bodies inside and out. The devices, which do just about everything from monitoring your heart to telling you how much fat you burn with each step, are giving...... Read More

Bruises behind the beauty

  Lin Keo needs no introduction to how hard life can be.   You may remember her beautiful smiling face walking down the catwalk draped in silks, or you might recall her passing you your daily caffeine intake.  Best-known for her...... Read More

An iconic photo of the 20th century

Norma Hollis was weeding the garden the day an assassin’s bullet took JFK in Dallas, Texas in 1963. She also remembers she was in the kitchen of her Hillsborough Auckland home when Princess Diana’s car slammed into the wall of a Paris tunnel...... Read More

TV appearance leads to Tauranga

They are the family that featured in an episode of popular TV show Wanted Down Under. Now they are ensconced in Tauranga and unlikely to leave. “We love New Zealand and can’t see us going back to England,” says paediatrician Dr Angus...... Read More

Inspirational rider needs our help

  Fraser Sharp has lived most of his life battling against the odds. The 42-year-old Tauranga Paralympic road cyclist has been living with a personal motto of “anything is possible” ever since an errant driver crashed into him in...... Read More

Growing a hardy bunch

There’s a garden revolution happening in Mount Maunganui. Gone are the days of relying on grandad for a free bag of tomatoes or a feed of feijoas. Now it’s the kids that are doing the hard graft in the garden, thanks in no small part to...... Read More

Church considers moving from CBD

  A church in Tauranga’s CBD is losing its bell tower, and the prominent site may even be sold altogether. Saint Mary Immaculate Church, on the corner of Cameron Road and Elizabeth Street, will be a construction site over the next month...... Read More

Eye popper appears at the Elms

  It’s quite bold and quite brilliant, and has sprouted from the empty Chapel and Mission Streets corner site at the historic Elms/Te Papa mission house over recent weeks. The pagoda, or pavilion, at the Elms’ new heritage garden...... Read More

Should turtles be the new ferrets?

Should there be a ban on the sale of turtles in New Zealand? This is the question that has been raised after a nest of exotic red-eared slider turtles was opened and examined on the banks of a waterway in Tauranga’s Carmichael Reserve last week. Basil...... Read More

Tauranga commuters ruffling feathers

Time challenged Tauranga commuters have discovered an enterprising new way of beating the city’s peak time traffic snarls. But at the same time, they may be intruding on the jealously-guarded rural tranquility of Matapihi and causing a level...... Read More

Girls enjoy purple, pink, yellow and white patch

  There’s some tunes and some moves going down on the boundary at the cricket. It’s Saturday morning, and Brittany Jenkins, Mahalia Raston, Sofia Phillips and the rest of Tauranga Intermediate School’s White Ferns girls’...... Read More