‘Ready Aye Ready’

“A lot and a lot of fun,” says Ordinary Cadet Dominic Hahunga, enthusing about sea cadets. ‘Ordinary' by rank only because the 14-year-old cuts a fine dash in his naval sailor's pie hat emblazoned with TS Chatham, tunic... Read More

Going against the grain

It's the difference between a no-nonsense, gun-toting California Highway patrolman and our own unarmed, considered and popular top traffic cop Tauranga Police's Senior Sergeant Ian Campion. The same traffic offence but different country and... Read More

Feeling the love

“One Love, one heart…” “Let's get together and feel alright…” Bob Marley felt the love, and so will thousands of party-goers this Waitangi weekend. Twenty-thousand people are expected to celebrate Marley's... Read More

Zen moments on an ebb tide

“Rowing is a sport that resonates with certain individuals at a very deep level and it gets to be like a calling.” A spiritual take on rowing from Yale University coach David H Vogel. The experience of Tauranga Rowing Club masters double... Read More

We’ll play, you pay

It won't be a matter of winning or losing, it will be a matter of turning up and raising some funds. The junior rugby players at Greerton Marist Rugby Football Club will not only be learning how to perform on a rugby field, but what it's... Read More

First for Tauranga airshow

Visitors to Classics of the Sky – Strikemasters at Sundown on Saturday will see the first local display of a new aircraft to the air show circuit. The Royal New Zealand Air Force plans to display one of the new T6C-Texan ll trainer aircraft for... Read More

Waiting for an angel’s blessing

“I am going through a divorce and will find myself in a position that could have a devastating effect.” It was an email to The Weekend Sun – a plaintive appeal for help or an ad for a business opportunity, but probably both. Andrew... Read More

The difficulty of leaving town

They're about four months old, all fluffed up and cocksure and ready to confront the world head-on. But with nature, if things can go wrong they probably will. Add youthful bravado, distractions and confusion to the mix and they'll certainly... Read More

Sandcastle spectacular

A sandcastle doesn't have to be two buckets of sand plonked on top of each other and adored with sea lettuce and a shell or two. And during summer Brett Muir definitely proved that a sandcastle can be an architectural marvel on Mount's coastline. But... Read More

The mysterious story of Stinga

Sellars and Stinga have been left battered but not bruised. Kathy Sellars didn't win the SunLive Baypark Demolition Derby, but would do it again – and Stinga puttered out on the track, but is in “perfect condition” today. The... Read More