Travelling to New Orleans via Matapihi

I was entertaining some younger out of town visitors upstairs in a restaurant on The Strand the other night.It was a typically balmy Bay of Plenty night – windows thrown wide open and the harbour bathed in moonlight. It was breathtaking, a wonderful... Read More

Spare us the mindless detail

There is a lot of respect for the All Blacks. Some believe the brand is a big part of who we are and what we stand for. But in the end they are just sportsmen and rugby is just a game. And before another long and tedious Super season even kicks off, we... Read More

Truly wonderful people

I wish to thank the man who gave up his time to fully attend to me after I fell at Cherrywood on February 1, 2017.He was simply amazing as he waited with me for the medics to arrive. Also to the caring lady who helped with my comfort, thank you too. Lastly... Read More

Disturbing lack of accurate knowledge

Plucked from virtual obscurity by then-Prime Minster John Key completely off his own bat Patsy Reddy became Governor General from September 28, 2016, just before Key rode off into the sunset. She was a Brierley Investments corporate acquisitions specialist,... Read More

Not racist

Re: ‘Respecting the many differences' (The Weekend Sun, February 17).Last week S Smith of Otumoetai wrote about Megan Walton “spewing racist and foul-mouthed poison at the young Muslim woman Mehpara Khan”.Foul-mouthed it was, but... Read More

Those manipulating the masses

In the early part of last century Adolf Hitler was, by using false arguments, able to convince the normally pleasant German people that they were a superior race and all others were inferior. And that Jews especially were evil and should be exterminated.... Read More

Will they listen to Katikati?

Re: ‘Screaming bypass' (The Weekend Sun, February 17).I will be very interested to see what the New Zealand Transport Agency come up with at the much-talked-about April open days in Katikati to solve our State Highway 2 traffic dilemma –... Read More

Tide is turning - people are waking up

Re: ‘Sea level rise not a lie' (The Weekend Sun, February 3). W Parish is entitled to his jaundiced views of us skeptics, so called because we doubt the stuff being promulgated by the water melon mob and their politically motivated claims.... Read More

Fears Kiwi culture will disappear

Re: ‘Respecting the many differences' (The Weekend Sun, February 17).In response to the letter from S Smith concerning the young woman who insulted and assaulted the young Muslim woman. While in no way excusing that behaviour I do wonder what... Read More

A social awakening

So our new leader, who previously did not accept the morality of same-sex marriage, has had a change of heart. A social awakening' or political expediency? B Johnson, Omokoroa. Read More