Farmers delight

Farmers' (Elizabeth Properties) proposed redevelopment of its city site looks really good from the concept plans, and this project by successful family interests that are good operators is laudable. The 320 parking spaces seems adequate, unlike... Read More

Live and let live

Many will be eyeing the living wage concept, which is very overdue. If the low-paid worker tries to get ahead with a second job, out comes secondary tax to dampen their efforts, and in the end the taxpayer has to subsidise the employer – great system. Many... Read More

Traffic solutions offered

At peak times on 15th Ave, towards Welcome Bay, traffic is inching along, mainly because of cars entering from side streets. I suggest a ‘No Exit' sign at at corner of 14th Ave and Turret Rd, blocking traffic onto 15th Ave, and putting a traffic... Read More

Welcome Bay motorists stuck in traffic

In his editorial of August 4 the editor of The Weekend Sun wrote about Tauranga's traffic woes, rightly commenting that “development [had been] allowed to race ahead of roading development” in Welcome Bay. During his 12-year... Read More

Solutions for SH2

I now live in early Pyes Pa Rd but for many years used SH2 for work projects at Omokoroa, Katikati, Waihi Beach, Waihi, Te Aroha and Morrinsville and found it to be very good. In my opinion there have been two major setbacks for travel on that road. The... Read More

No recycling options

Re S Harris's letter in The Weekend Sun (September 29). We no longer recycle as much as we could for many reasons. Our weekly bag is rarely full so it is not financially viable to hire a recycling bin. Once the bag is ready for collection... Read More

Use of local parks

As a long-term resident, ratepayer and community advocate I am aggrieved and somewhat angry that a resident neighbouring Moa Park has the cheek to complain that a fitness group to which I belong is inconveniencing them and that we are too noisy.... Read More

Learning creates understanding

The recent letters by A Bourne, I Brougham, B Johnson (The Weekend Sun, September 22 and 29, October 6) condemning the proposed teaching of te reo, and the reasons given, need to be challenged. A Bourne in particular uses terminology designed to inflame... Read More

Hundred Acre Wood story

I live in Auckland but my sister-in-law passed on your article in The Weekend Sun ‘Piglet, Eeyore and Winnie' (page 2, September 29). It gave me more than half an hour of fun just reading and re-reading because it was so well-written. I take... Read More

Aucklanders bring bad driving with them?

Re ‘Drivers a breed unto themselves' from I Goldsmith, Bureta (The Weekend Sun, September 22). Yes, I totally agree with everything that I Goldsmith says. I hear comments from other people going on about the shocking drivers in Tauranga and... Read More