CTC - Central Tauranga Coronary?

The Civic Transformation Committee plans to single-mindedly ‘transform' the CBD heart to something wonderful. All storylines/creativity flowing thick and fast to self-justify that single purpose, all else ignored. This scheme is indeed nefariously... Read More

One people

We certainly have an interesting situation on the political scene. Don Brash has a very good point in that he wonders how long New Zealand will have ‘The People, and ‘Our People'. He does raise an important point, very skillfully avoided... Read More

A clever marketing ploy

So quick to condemn. The Greens co-leader does not surprise me, and yes what she did was wrong, but not out of place. There would not be many of us out there that have not lied nor deceived to our gain. In fact, you would be surprised to know just how... Read More

Labour water woes

Our government has correctly always stated that no individual owns the water. In reality the NZ government administers water for everyone, including fresh water and its use and allocation, in a fiduciary capacity as guardian and trustee for all Kiwis. Total... Read More

Be careful how you vote

Great to have an early election while all National's excesses are imprinted on our minds. Billions have been paid in treaty settlements and apologies while government infrastructures – health, welfare, education, transport –... Read More

NZ 'shamefully low' in child health stat

Thank you for the article on 'Poorer households, poorer hearts' (page 12, The Weekend Sun, August 4). The Finland report mentioned puts the real issue of community welfare and child health into perspective. When I was nursing in the mid-1960s,... Read More

A euphoric extravaganza

Last week it surfaced that the City Transformation Committee now wants to totally demolish the existing library and all attached; the replacement cost said to be a massive $28 million of more debt for TCC ratepayers. The existing CBD library building,... Read More

Greens should be renamed fraud party

With Metiria Turei defiantly refusing to stand down as co-leader of the Green Party for benefit and electoral fraud and James Shaw and his candidates firmly endorsing her to remain in the position the party now should be renamed the ‘Fraud Party'... Read More

Rotting from the head down

Over the past couple of weeks we have had to endure the Greens co- leader's WINZ circus, the Labour leader throwing in the towel, the Auditor General quitting, plus recently we had the National Party MP employment dispute mess with police becoming... Read More

Another white elephant

New Zealand has become a country of imbalances; a country that bows to the whims and desires of the few. If a small circle of people in Tauranga want a museum then let them pay for it or raise the money and fund maintenance. Tauranga is too small to fund... Read More