New Mount i-Site blindsided

Mount i-Site was shut down following public outcries in 2011/2012 and re-sited onto the Port with a ‘de facto' i-Site information bureau placed at Mount Domain Office – an invisible, useless location. Council then leased out i-Site premises,... Read More

Say no to racism

My sentiments exactly Dame Susan (‘Anti-racism campaign launched', SunLive, June 15), so let us get rid of the Maori Party, Maori All Blacks, the Maori Council, Maori Broadcasting, the Waitangi Tribunal for Maori only, Maori Fisheries Council... Read More

A huge thank you to Tauranga Hospital

Having just spent three days in Tauranga Hospital following a very recently diagnosed mastectomy, I want to say a huge thank you to the surgical team and to the amazing staff of Ward 3C. Without exception, every one of the men and women involved in my... Read More

Parking rules still only for some?

In June 2016 there was an article on SunLive (‘Parking rules for some', June 17) about Tauranga City Council vehicles parking on The Strand Extension in metered places without paying, and also parking on the other side of the road for lengthy... Read More

PM did leave country in better place

After reading the diatribe so eloquently composed by P Dolden (The Weekend Sun, June 16) I felt compelled to reply. Sir John Key is not responsible for the deaths of the 29 miners at Pike River, nor is it his responsibility to retrieve their bodies. Like... Read More

Throat-cutting offensive

Re: Time to reign in the haka (The Weekend Sun, June 16).I was glad to read that I wasn't the only one to find the haka that includes the throat-cutting offensive. When I made a comment I was told: ‘If I didn't like it to go live in... Read More

Maori All Blacks ‘race-based nonsense’

We should all adopt Don Brash's recent assessment of the race-based situation reinforcing the paramount significance of citizenship over dodgy ethnicity considerations. Maori ‘All Blacks' comprising mainly players of infinitesimal Maori... Read More

Survey not true measure of feeling

The Tauranga City Council issued a questionnaire asking if we wanted a supermarket in Welcome Bay. But the heading in large font said ‘Do you (in bold) want a supermarket in Welcome Bay?' and underneath in smaller font it said ‘What... Read More

Annual plan silly season alive and well

The Tauranga City Council Annual Plan silly season is alive and well. Councillor Molloy's wife steps up demanding The Strand walkway proceed! The NIMBYs, Tauranga Harbour Protection Society have every reason to be concerned, but this pales into... Read More

Bridges only small part of experience

I would like to thank Steve Morris for his reply on the Wairoa Bridge project (The Weekend Sun, June 2) but it was a rephrasing of his original text, so I researched the topic.In 2016 a brief was issued by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council for a design... Read More