Will you resign?

To the Mayor of the Western Bay and those of the council who voted with him to follow a racist agenda and appoint Maori wards. When the poll in 2018 for rebuttal is counted – and there will be a poll – and your proposal is soundly defeated... Read More

One standard for all

P Dey in criticising Cr. Lally's Maori ward stance (The Weekend Sun, December 8) fails to understand that councillors are elected to represent all of their community, including Maori, and advocate for all. A Maori ward is the opposite, being elected... Read More

Petition re Maori wards

The recent decision supported by most Western Bay councillors (except Crs Mike Lally, Kevin Marsh and Margaret Murray-Benge) to vote for race-based Maori wards has predictably led to an outcry in the community. A petition for a poll to vote on the councillors'... Read More

Let’s oppose shallow thinkers

The politically correct and obviously confused majority of Western Bay district councillors and mayor, who advocate racially dividing seats on council, need to join the present century and represent the people who voted them in.  A recent five-week... Read More

Brickbat for new road layout

Well done those engineers who designed the new layout of SH29, constructed at glacial speed across Matapihi Peninsula. Recent extension of the median barrier from the top of the peninsula south to the Maungatapu Bridge means that in the event of... Read More

Criticism ‘false and mischievous’

I cannot let P Dey's comments (The Weekend Sun, December 8) go unanswered. His bankrupted idea is that good business or politics is to funnel as much of the public pie as much as possible into one's family, tribe, or circle without any regard... Read More

Call to action

So the museum is to go ahead. Now come on Tauranga lets change things. What we need is a group of people to get together and form a group (party) and start planning for the next election. A complete clean-out is required to save Tauranga from the group... Read More

Remember the names

A rate increase of 13.6 per cent over three years will cause problems for thousands of Tauranga people. The increases will be added into rents and superannuation increases will not be enough to pay for the increases. Rates rebates would have to be increased... Read More

Drought is a fact of life

Re the interesting article about health and climate change (page 33, The Weekend Sun, December 1). Professor Richard Bedford claims dire problems from having a warmer climate. He should go to Brisbane or anywhere in Queensland where the warmer climate... Read More

Warmer is better

Re ‘Climate change threatens New Zealanders' health' (page 33, The Weekend Sun, December 1). The use of ‘climate change' to predict catastrophe for humanity is the latest craze in the scientific community as it gets funding... Read More