Value of land owed to hard work

One Peter Dey appears frequently in your columns with grossly false statements about our colonial past. His latest outrageous claim (The Weekend Sun, page 47, May 5, 2017) is that “more than $30 billion of land [was] wrongly taken [from Maoris],... Read More

Collusion or corruption

I have just heard Kim Hill interviewing Professor Idelbar Avelar of Spokane University on corruption in Brazil - gross corruption so endemic that it seems almost half of all members, government and the bureaucracy, are involved. Surely the collusion between... Read More

Nothing that traffic lights couldn’t fix

Re: The construction of the Te Puna roundabout.I have read recent comments by the New Zealand Transport Agency's Highways Manager Niclas Johansson lauding the praises of the new Te Puna roundabout.I take issue with some of his facts. I've... Read More

What about the 90,000 unemployed youth?

Nothing is going to happen to improve the lot of the 90,000 unemployed youth in NZ while parliamentarians continue with an attitude that will automatically prevent opposition parties from having their bills at least reach the Select Committee stage. This... Read More

Police doing ‘a damned fine job’

Open letter to Inspector Clifford Paxton, Area Commander Western Bay of Plenty Police.Despite our dairies being under siege from tobacco bandits, despite people bending cars and themselves on our roads, despite all the abuses and the burglaries and the... Read More

Disabled not factored into tsunami plan

Re: The disabled not catered for in council's tsunami plans.After the delivery fiasco last year - or non-delivery I should say - I read through the council's new attempt very carefully. Directions were given to walk to the assembly points.... Read More

Diamonds are never forever

You buy a diamond ring for the big occasion and if it is not accepted by your intended and return it to the shop you will find it's worth less than half for resale. The consumer will always miss out because once you purchase, you will find that... Read More

Christmas tree still up in May

Am I the only Te Puke resident a little bit embarrassed that we still have a Christmas tree - albeit a metal one - blazing its Christmas lights every night – in May?Now I love Christmas and love to see the tree up at Christmas and the new lights... Read More

An unselfish act congratulated

Re: ‘Jono's random act of kindness' (The Weekend, Sun, page 3, May 5, 2017). What a great article on car dealer Jono Allen, who made good teenager Marise Menzies after she was cheated by a phantom seller in Auckland. It's great... Read More

Phoenix carpark

Re: ‘Spending for the sake of it' (The Weekend Sun, May 5).Councillor Steve Morris' response to my letter is intriguing if not endeavouring to still defend the indefensible.Along with obviously the support of council staff, he is presenting... Read More