A fanfare for Annabelle

“They gave me a thousand dollars,” says Mount Maunganui College student, Annabelle Stewart, who now has a flash new Bach Stradivarius professional trumpet in her sights. Umm…I suspect it was $2000 Annabelle. Yes, the Tauranga Harbour... Read More

Car system stuff up transport

Up to 65 young, quality truck driving graduates come off the production line in Tauranga each year but far too few to satisfy the needs of the road freight transport industry. “We are just meeting our area needs,” “says Dean Colville... Read More

Bad water leaves bad taste

Illness, ill-feeling and protest – that's the fall-out from the bad water dumped into the reticulation system in the small western bay towns of Paengaroa and Pongakawa this week. It's also left residents demanding answers and reassurances... Read More

A toddler's travel lessons

She was only two at the time and didn't understand she had become wonderful advertisement for travel insurance … a cutie with short red hair and quite a yapper for her two brief years. It wasn't what she said to endorse the travel... Read More

Chatting on the couch

It's an idea bourne out of comfort, from relaxing and not really thinking about much at all. Garden and Arts Festival organiser Marc Anderson says the idea came to him when he was least expecting it. “I was sitting on the couch at home and... Read More

Exploring your origins

Who knew that researching your family history could start with spitting in a cup, popping it in the post and a few months later knowing almost everything you ever wanted to know about your origins? Well, some of the specialist librarians that work at... Read More

Get out and have a go

It's a chance for some special kids to get out and have a shot – try some sports they might not have experienced, possibly never even heard of. It's ‘Have a Go Day' and it could be liberating and exciting for a lot of kids... Read More

Election 2017: Transport

  It's no secret that transport systems in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty have been under immense pressure lately, with an estimated 10 per cent increase in traffic on our roads in recent months. One of the biggest bugbears has been... Read More

Daffodils delivered in style

Daffodils were as scarce as hen's teeth in Tauranga this week, but come Tuesday the city will be awash with them as more than 1400 bunches of fresh daffodils are delivered to local businesses as part of the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day fundraiser. Friday,... Read More

Closed for good deeds

Local BNZ staff will turn off their computers for the day and get out into the community to volunteer for the ‘Closed for Good' project on Wednesday, August 23. More than 3000 staff from BNZ bank branches across the country will be involved. Closed... Read More

The Steamers at boiling point

  There's a large banner photograph on the wall behind the reception desk when you walk into the Bay of Plenty Steamers' engine room at Blake Park. It's a picture of 15 glistening and beaming young men in blue and gold hoops. It... Read More

Does sexuality really matter?

The deputy principal taught Pana Hema-Taylor at Aranui High School in Christchurch – sensed a talent and steered the young man away from the fringes of the Mongrel Mob towards an acting career. That showed foresight and conviction. Now framed images... Read More

A not so humble pie

It almost got lost in all the brouhaha about the winning ways of a certain bacon and egg pie here in Tauranga. It's a maximum 300 gram offering – filled with slow-roasted prime beef, caramelised onion and one other crucial quality ingredient... Read More

Working together for learning

Collaboratively. It's a hard word to get your tongue around when you're only five. Heck, it's hard to get your tongue around when you're 45. But it's a word that students at Papamoa Primary School will hear a lot from now... Read More

NZ Teachers' Games in town

We've got the AIMS games – now Tauranga will also play host to the inaugural New Zealand Teachers' Games in October. The teachers' games are an opportunity for teachers and other school staff to have fun with their colleagues... Read More

Life without a rubbish bin

It sounds like heresy coming from a couple of zero waste champions – they're preaching that recycling is not the be-all and end-all solution to the world's rubbish woes. “It's amazing how often recycling is thrown out there... Read More

Experience Indonesia

If you've ever wanted to experience the wonders of Indonesia, now is the time to get a taste with Multicultural Tauranga's first ‘Living in Harmony' event for 2017 on Tuesday, August 15. Multicultural Tauranga has been running... Read More

Cack-handed and proud

Smudging important documents and looking like an idiot while trying to figure out a can opener are just two of the many things left-handed people deal with on a daily basis. With only about 10 per cent of the world population being left-handed, it can... Read More

Film Festival comes to town

Tauranga will host the New Zealand International Film Festival at Rialto Cinemas from August 24 to September 17. More than 40 films are on offer, including foreign language films, documentaries and New Zealand short films. Among the documentaries is... Read More

Mop chop for community good

A Mount Maunganui early childhood teacher has chopped off her “messy mum bun” to donate to a good cause and give her young charges a lesson in the importance of giving back to your community. Anita Smith, an early childhood teacher at ABC... Read More