Using the power of the sun

New Zealand's first on-road, solar-powered electric vehicle charger, ‘Electric Station', is now open to the public following an official opening this week. The Electric Station was formally opened by Minister of Transport and Tauranga... Read More

Building exactly what you want

When Bevan and Lisa Hyland decided to build their new home, they decided to build with Signature Homes – a good decision, says Lisa. “It's the first time we've built so it can be a bit stressful, but we were taken through the... Read More

Mystery of missing ‘boy’ continues

A request went out recently to The Weekend Sun readers asking for help to locate a missing statue of a small boy that once sat in Tauranga's Robbins Park. Tauranga local Merilyn Anderson read the article, and recalled having a photo in her possession... Read More

Tinetti enters stage left

It was a cruel catalyst for change. Just one dark moment in early-January. It didn't make the newspapers or the TV, and no-one saw it coming. A 20-year-old committed suicide and it ignited the social conscience of a Tauranga school teacher. “He... Read More

Free-to-air AB’s gathers momentum

It couldn't have happened at a better time for New Zealand First. MP Clayton Mitchell's anti-siphoning legislation – the bill which would return the All Blacks, the Kiwis and the Olympics, all sport of national significance, to live... Read More

A rare double medal honour

A rare awarding of two New Zealand Cadet Forces Medals occurred in town this week – to honour two people who have each given 12 years of service to Tauranga's 16 Squadron ATC Tauranga Air Cadets. Flight Lieutenants Lynn White and Adrian Edwards... Read More

Painting the town

If you hadn't noticed already, the train doors at Memorial Park have been jazzed up. Local artist Jan Morrison has taken the blank canvas that was six tunnel doors and created an interlocking masterpiece of a story. “Three of the doors –... Read More

Will you take this woman…again

“I have done one thing few men have done,” says Tauranga identity Trevor Blaker reflecting on the 36,500 days or 100 years he has engaged with this planet. “I married my wife twice.” It wasn't just an affirmation of his... Read More

A theme party like no other

Tauranga residents are invited to a three-day festival of music, arts and sustainability held on private farmland deep in the heart of the Waikino Valley in Waihi next month. Sundaise is a three-day festival of music, arts and sustainability, with 60-plus... Read More

A mountain of a challenge

Fifty times, 50 days, in anticipation for her big 5-0. Yes, Tauranga woman Ann Wicken from R.I.S.E Food and Fitness will summit the equivalent of Mount Everest-and-a-bit using the mountain right here in our backyard. Ann will be taking part in the MORE... Read More

Make the most of a small space

If you're getting tired of living in a big house with too many rooms to clean, or you're looking to considerably downsize, then listen up. Mauao Performing Arts Centre will host an alternative living panel called Housing Alternatives on February... Read More

Trucks versus emotional wellbeing

Emotional pressure's being heaped on the New Zealand Transport Agency to build a bypass around Katikati before it “becomes a grubby little strip town” offering no more than a pie and Coke for those brave enough to stop there. A petition... Read More

From behind the Iron Curtain

When Steffi August is troubled, she seeks the wise counsel of a mountain. “Mauao is so powerful,” says Steffi, who claims a deep spiritual connection with the 232 metre high extinct volcano. “I always tell the mountain: ‘I love... Read More

More than fantasy

Cosplay might seem weird to some people, fun for some, and scary for others. But for Otumoetai resident Courtney Smith cosplay is as much of a way of life as anything else. Courtney has been stitching and bringing characters to life for about eight years,... Read More

Chinese Whisper record attempt

More than 1000 Tauranga pupils will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the world's longest Chinese Whispers next month. In conjunction with Hearing Support Bay of Plenty, pupils from Tauranga Intermediate School and six other local... Read More

Survivor invests in living

Two children may live as the result of a Te Puke woman's brush with death 39 years ago. And her benevolence. Delcie Martin was “clinically dead” when she was pulled from the surf at Papamoa Beach one summer's evening four decades... Read More

Peddling cookies for a US comeback

Forget the five-hour rides and the leg-burning, lung-busting hills – Tauranga's Courteney Lowe's cycling secret this year could well be chocolate. The 25-year-old is heading back to the United States next month for another professional... Read More

Rubbish bags instead of roses

Show a little love this Valentine's Day. And show the love to Mauao. The Western Bay Wildlife Trust is looking for an army of volunteers with deep feelings for the Mount to help clean it up. “We find all sorts of paraphernalia on Mauao,”... Read More

Practical beekeeping

Mount Maunganui's Pacific Coast Technical Institute is offering a nationwide practical beekeeping programme – which is ideal for those pursuing beekeeping as a career or a hobby. PCTI director Mark Hellyer says the apiculture beekeeping course... Read More

Trikes and more at Te Puke A&P

Move over quads – the trikes are riding into tomorrow's Te Puke A&P Show – and will be among an impressive line-up of motors, animals and country antics set to entertain the masses. The show is offering something for everyone –... Read More