When Raewyn entertained Vera

It was the day the Tauranga hairdresser sang for the forces' sweetheart herself. “Vera just asked me if I knew any of her songs,” says Raewyn Fairweather. “And I told her: ‘Of course I do'.” To prove the point... Read More

Mia’s lesson to us all

The day after Mia did a bunk, a low pressure system descended over our work pod. The mood became distinctly grey, heavy and cheerless. It was like there had been a death. Mia is about two handfuls of white fluff – a choodle, a chihuahua-poodle... Read More

The pride of the Lions

It's why Lions are Lions. To serve. It's why Neil Clarke is a Lion. “Been a Lion since 1955,” the Mount Maunganui man says proudly. “I was one of 22 foundation members of the country's very first Lions Club in Auckland.” Now... Read More

A visual flying feast

Next weekend lining up at the pars at McLaren Falls' disc golf course could get a little squishy – with the country's keenest disc golfers flying into town for an extreme tournament. The Tauranga Disc Golf Association's 66 Xtreme... Read More

We will remember them

Thousands of Bay of Plenty residents will wake in darkness and head to Anzac parades and services next Tuesday, April 25, to remember those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy today. Anzac Day commemorations will be held around the Western... Read More

The day Doug dodged a bomb

Last week The Weekend Sun met Doug Attrill – a 93-year-old with a war story  –  how his ship got bombed, how a skirmish with a Japanese submarine contributed to the downfall of the notorious commander of the Japanese fleet, the... Read More

The story of Doug’s war

It's the bugle call that ends the day. It's also the final salute to the fallen, to those killed in war. Haunting and moving. And on April 25, ANZAC Day, ‘The Last Post' will sound out across the land as the country stops and... Read More

Festival’s all that jazz and more

The finest jazz musicians from home and abroad will get Tauranga jumping and jiving and grooving this Easter Weekend with the return of National Jazz Festival. Today marks the start of the 55th annual festival, and festival director Becks Chambers says... Read More

Piddler in the pool

The research was disgusting. The admission even more disgusting. And both caused jitters, little ripples of urea, chloride, sodium and potassium – piddle in other words – when they washed up in Tauranga this week. “Wouldn't go... Read More

Taking on the world

It's a sharp left off the northern end of the Wairoa River Bridge. Follow Wairoa Rd all the way to the boat house and you might just hear them ….out on the water, bitching and moaning. Sore bits, bits that don't work properly, missing... Read More

Challenge accepted!

Think about it. If a businessperson spends 9am-5pm every working day at their desk, that's eight hours a day deskbound. Forty hours a week, or 160 hours a month parked on their backsides. That's if they don't take their lunchbreaks.... Read More

Redemption of a serial one bagger

I am a potato peel pariah – one of Tauranga's despised ‘one baggers'. I put all of my domestic rubbish – paper, plastic, tins, bottles, in fact everything that won't go down the waste disposal unit – in one $2.20... Read More

Come ride the big red

They come hurtling round the corner in the big red fire truck and suddenly there's hope. “It's an amazing sense of satisfaction, enormously rewarding,” says Evan Riggir. He's the officer-in-charge of the volunteers at the... Read More

Spend the surplus on the bridge

Terry ‘Hori BOP' Leaming wants to see Prime Minister Bill English spend some of the recently announced government's budget surplus money on making the Maungatapu Bridge safer. “If there's surplus money available this year,... Read More

Holder joins Hayden and Hyundai

He's only driven 10km in the car – but Tauranga's David Holder isn't letting this put him off a rare opportunity to drive as part of the Hyundai NZ Rally Team in the 2017 New Zealand Rally Championship. The championship starts... Read More

Bay of Plenty titles decided

  Although the stockcar class required a runoff to determine the Bay of Plenty champion, it was the saloons and super saloons that provided the closest racing at the Baypark Speedway on Saturday night. Current 3NZ Steve Cowling eventually took out... Read More

Tara’s special night with Adele

It was pandemonium. English singer-songwriter and international superstar Adele steps on stage and 45,000 people go off. Cheers, yelling, clapping, whistling, yahooing. But this is Tauranga – 211.4km from Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland and 72... Read More

Passengers left banging heads

Ron and Marion Chamberlain wanted compensation for what they describe as half a cruise line experience. “Only half our cabin was useable” says Ron. So, he reasoned, it was worth just half a fare. The Chamberlains would have accepted $2000... Read More

More than just an owl

Charles and Janine Williams have been creating an owl – called ‘ruru' in Maori – on the side of a building in Dive Crescent as part of the Tauranga Paradox Street Art Festival. “The design is called Messenger,” says... Read More

New blue card for safety

Players and spectators at local rugby games might notice referees have an extra coloured card up their sleeve. As well as the usual red and yellow cards, refs now have the option of awarding a blue card if they suspect a player has been concussed. The... Read More