Where in the world?

Ned Nicely with a pitcher plant, a carnivorous which has a deep cavity for trapping insects. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

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The ‘United Nations of Plants' is how Ned Nicely describes the Tropical Display House in Cliff Rd, Tauranga. On Friday, July 14, Ned, a parks coordinator for Tauranga City Council until 2013, will be giving a 42-minute talk on the origin of the plants growing in the indoor hothouse.

His topic ‘Where in the world did I come from – a plant's perspective' will take in the vast variety of plants growing in what used to be called the Begonia House. With so many tropical plants from around the world donated to the city, the name has been changed to signify the range of plants there.

“We'll have a selection of plants set up on a table outside with a map of the world,” says Ned. “There'll be prizes for guessing the plant names and where they come from.

“The display house is open every day of the year, and it's a great place to come if you need to reset your mind, or if you're grieving, separated or have pressures at work.”

The interactive free talk will include prizes, balloons and a question and answer time with Ned and Liani Smith, caretaker of the Tropical Display House. 

Running from noon to 12.42pm, the event allows for work lunch breaks, but will be cancelled if it is raining. For further information or cancellation confirmation, contact Liani on 027 571 5881.


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