Hunting for a new home (Jan 22, 2016)

My name is Hunter. I am a beautiful staffy-cross puppy. I came to the SPCA with my sister Holly. We were found abandoned on a walking track, very small and sick.

Fortunately we have been at wonderful foster homes where we have grown into lovely, energetic and bouncy puppies. Although we are cute and cuddly, we still need guidance and training to round us into well behaved adults.

If you have lots of time, attention and love, then come in to meet me today!

Ref #22250


Tiger by name, gentle by nature (October 2, 2015)

This is Tiger – he came to the SPCA in July. He was picked up after he was hit by a car.

This caused nerve damage in his right front leg, which left him unable to use it. He was given time to see if the issue was temporary, and it turned out not to be the case.

Everyone who met and interacted with him said what a lovely boy he was – calm and patient, always happy to see people. He quickly became a firm favourite with the staff and volunteers.

He adjusted well to not having the use of his leg and was coping so well using three legs that it was decided to go ahead with the operation to remove his leg. There really was no other option if we wanted to save him.

Tiger is recovering well and doesn't seem to have slowed down – he's still very active and loves attention.

Please come in and meet him – show him that loyalty and devotion is a two-way street!

Ref: # 22004


Ava look at this cutie (September 25, 2015)

This is Ava and she's one of a litter of four pups that came in after being found in a box on the side of the road in July.

We will never know why people do this, but at least they were left somewhere where they would be found. Ava and her littermates were too young to be put up for adoption, so went out to another of our fantastic foster homes where they got to run around with a variety of animals.

They are now big, solid, friendly pups and have come back to seek new homes. We think the breed to be Labrador-crossed with possibly Sharpei.

Like all puppies they will need guidance and training to enable them to grow into well-adjusted members of the family. If you would like to meet her or her three brothers, then please come in and see a staff member.

Ref # 21979


Hop to it! (September 18, 2015)

My name is Peter. I was found in someone's garden. They brought me into to the SPCA to try to find my owner. Unfortunately no owner was found. I'm a friendly bunny who needs a secure hutch to keep me in. Please come in and meet me.

Ref: Peter 22104


Onyx you glad you found me? (September 11, 2015)

My name is Onyx. I came to the Tauranga SPCA when I was found in someone's backyard. My owners couldn't be found so I am now looking for my new home where I will be kept safe and secure. I am a very friendly boy and love affection. Please feel free to come in and meet me but please be gentle. I have been desexed, have had my first vaccination and have also been microchipped. Am I the bunny for you?

Ref: Onyx 22007


Puppy seeking new home (September 4, 2015)

My name is Zoe and I'm a four-month-old female Lab Cross. I am a friendly little puppy who loves to play. I will need training as all young puppies do. I was found as a stray puppy and no owners came to get me. I've been in a wonderful SPCA foster home – now I'm ready to find my forever home. If you would like to meet me please ask a staff member, as I may be the puppy for you.

Ref 21992


Fluffy friend for family (August 21, 2015)

This is Solomon – he was hanging around a property and didn't want to leave. He was brought to us when an owner couldn't be found.

As nobody came forward he is now available for adoption. We have found him to be a friendly and relaxed cat, who should fit into a new home very well. Please come in and meet him to see if he is the cat for you.

Ref 22023


A bundle of love (August 8, 2015)

My name is Spencer and I am a four-month-old male Lab X. I came to the SPCA after I was found wandering around in a rural area all by myself.

I was too small to be out on my own so I have been to an awesome SPCA foster home getting lots of TLC so that I could return here to find myself a great new loving forever home. I have a wonderful personality and will be a fantastic pet for a family who is looking for a new best friend and lifelong companion.

I will need some ongoing training to learn the basic manners all young puppies need to know, but I am a very bright boy who will learn very quickly. Please come in and meet me, and see if I might be the perfect new puppy for you.

Ref 21798