Band and Deliver for Music Month

Music Plus
with Winston Watusi

There is a time for every season under heaven and currently it’s time for New Zealand Music Month.

I mentioned it last week and I hope to no one’s great surprise we’re continuing today – ‘same vein, different arm’ as New Zealand music legend Ritchie Pickett used to say...

I’ve covered the first few May weekends: today we move to the third.

After already talking about the Jam Factory I was planning to glance at Totara Street’s events but sadly, or perhaps happily, popularity has stymied me.

On May 17 Corrella play there along with Black Comet but the show has sold out. Cause and effect I guess... Their hit song ‘Blue Eyed Māori’ has shattered records, spending more than 30 weeks straight at the top of the NZ charts, and 38 weeks in the Top 20.

Not bad. If you haven’t got tickets and want a taste of Corrella live, their latest EP, ‘Live At Roundhead Studios’, is now on streaming platforms.

Let’s head again to the Jam Factory because on that same day there’s an exciting youth initiative taking place.

Band and Deliver Girls jamming.

May 17 marks the first of this year’s three Band and Deliver concerts.

The others are June 21 and August 9.

These are free gigs, with the idea being to find and develop local talent.

In an age where we’re bombarded with the musical equivalents of get rich quick schemes in the guise of TV talent quests, Band and Deliver injects a welcome dose of reality.

Under guidance of Marc Anderson, musician and event producer – we have him to thank for the recent jazz festival and more – and Tauranga Boys’ College Head of Music Aaron Wright, last year featured high energy acts and singer-songwriters from Ōtūmoetai, Pāpāmoa and Tauranga Boys’ colleges, plus young independent musicians.


Band and Deliver hopes to pump up participation even more for this second run.

Communicate musically 

Marc recalls learning music while growing up: “I have played drums since I was 12 at school”.

“There was the local Scottish pipe band or brass band, which were fantastic but to be honest, I wanted to be a rock star and there was no local platform to help take the path to get there with confidence.”

That’s what he says this initiative is here to improve.

“Band and Deliver is a place where young people can communicate with each other musically, meet follow musicians, jam, and learn that it can be fun but also sound professional!”

For more, email:

Lastly, a few highly recommended shows.

We Mavericks.

Matt Joe Gow and Kerryn Fields at the Jam Factory, Saturday, May, 18 is alt folk of the highest order; and We Mavericks – Australian Lindsay Martin and Kiwi Victoria Vigenser – at Katikati’s Arts Junction, Friday, May 17, is folk, not so alt, also of the highest order.

Hear Winston’s latest Playlist:

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