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Fix Belk Road

To all those people who wonder what the fuss is regarding the Belk Road intersection with State Highway 29, there is no turning bay coming from McLaren Falls to turn right into Belk Road. Your car comes around a blind corner on SH29 and you have two seconds...... Read More

Have a say on harmful gambling

Re ‘GMA urges public to look at other side of gaming’ (SunLive, November 8). The Gaming Machine Association says $14 million a year is received by clubs and community groups in the Tauranga district. In fact, from January 2017 to September...... Read More

Pathetic pandering to pedal pushers

Someone will suffer, some may lose their home and someone may die! I raise these points because a serious mistake has been made by Tauranga City Council. For example, while driving on Cameron Road this week I was stopped at Greerton. The ambulance came,...... Read More

Ripped off in so many ways

A Bourne’s letter stating that we are being ripped off over petrol prices (The Weekend Sun, November 9) is indeed mumbo jumbo. But if any of you feel the same way then you surely would have noticed that you have been ripped off in so many other...... Read More

Church should pay

Last week's letters (The Weekend Sun, November 9) suggest we upset the Anglican and tribal elites by our earlier statement that, as the fee simple owner of the Tauranga land that it sold to the government in 1867, the Anglican Church did not need...... Read More

Speed camera for Kaitemako

If the rumour of some speed cameras heading toward the Bay of Plenty is true, can we get a couple installed on the Kaitemako racetrack in Welcome Bay? Going on current experience, the 50kph means 90kph plus and the 70kph means ‘wind it off the clock’....... Read More

Maundering over book

M Maunder of Otumoetai is certainly ‘maundering’ (talking in a rambling, foolish or meaningless way) when, in a recent letter to The Weekend Sun (November 9), he describes the British and colonial military as “invaders and conquerors”...... Read More

Sport, not war

On viewing the All Blacks v England game at Twickenham, I listened to the British rugby fans singing their hearts out to drown the All Blacks haka but was astonished to hear a New Zealand commentator question whether that was ‘respectful’. In...... Read More

Go figure Greerton roading changes

Congratulations to the Tauranga City Council for becoming the most insane council in New Zealand. Why? The narrowing of the roundabouts and roads to one lane in Greerton Village. The reason for one-lane roundabouts is to make it safer for bicycles to...... Read More

Put an end to apologies

The letters (The Weekend Sun, November 9) critical of our book are most welcome as they open debate. M Maunder is correct in pointing out that the account in our new book is not new. We tell the full story, based on the accounts of the time, to counter...... Read More