Letters to the Editor

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Battle of the bins

I would also like to disagree with the new rubbish collection system.  As a 90-year-old, living alone, who gets around the house on a walker, there... Read More

Leadership qualities

The resignation of the mayor of Tauranga was the right decision only he should have done it earlier. He had not done an apprenticeship in Council such... Read More

A big thank you

There wasn’t much in it for the companies involved in the Tauranga Harbour City Lions Book Fair - apart, perhaps, from making a simple, kind gesture... Read More

Objection to new speed limits

Thirty kilometres per hour, 30, 50, 100, 90, and 80, are just some of the speed restrictions we, in the Western Bay have put up with so roading can become... Read More

Not at all unexpected

So the Mayor has resigned. Not really unexpected I guess considering that he immediately got offside with most of the other councillors and the commissioned... Read More

Tauranga CBD decline

S Wagner [The Weekend Sun, November 13] claims Tauranga CBD has declined over the past couple of years. We have lived in Tauranga for over 50 years and... Read More

Double standards

Why did the Government allow a don't-give-a-damn group of cricketers to enter NZ when they will not allow essential workers for the agriculture industry... Read More

The Truth about Maori wards

Helen Clark’s Labour Government (2001) introduced petition rights for Maori wards to protect voters against councils manipulating constitutional... Read More

Helping the helpers

Hopefully everyone by now knows that St John ambulance staff are walking off the job in strike on November 25. These are the people that will turn up... Read More

Suspect rationale

In recent times the use of misinformation has become the norm rather than the exception. In its current effort to deny Maori issues and opinions to be... Read More

Smart thinking for public transport

I raise this subject because Tauranga City Council is about to spend $40 million for bus lanes, for empty buses, on Cameron Road. Sensible thinkers in... Read More

Sign the rubbish petition

If you want a reality check, consider how the Tauranga City Council is gaslighting us about their Kerbside rubbish collection mandate for next year. Read... Read More

More parking please

The Tauranga CBD has declined over the last couple of years. There is only one-quarter of the shops left in town and the majority of the people in town... Read More

Government working together

The new president of Local Government is Stuart Crosby from the Bay of Plenty, and he is right. Successive governments have used immigration to boost their... Read More

Listen to the ratepayers

Isn’t it about time the Tauranga City Council listened to its rate payers – the people who pay their salaries? I’ve read the Tauranga... Read More