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Public venues for everyone

I see Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is denying the public the freedom of choice to see, listen to, or view Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. The denial is based on the presumption that the venue is ratepayer-funded and it “may disturb the peace and...... Read More

A threat to public safety?

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff will find no shortage of supporters for his decision to exercise pre-emotive judgment and cancel the Canadian speakers from feminist and ethnic groups who may feel vulnerable to their disclosures. On what grounds did he decide...... Read More

Custodial carve-up ‘futile’

Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft and the Law Commission seek better asset deals for the custodial parent (often opposed), who they allege ‘loses out’, which is a nonsense. Australian courts can award the custodial parent up to...... Read More

Join nurses on picket line

Re ‘Money for nurses there’ (The Weekend Sun, July 13). I agree that money to fund nurses is available with some clever accounting that most proficient governments can accomplish. The offer from DHBs is not all it seems. Not all nurses benefit...... Read More

Bureaucratic top-heaviness

I have a lot of sympathy for the striking nurses. One of their major problems with 26 DHBs around the country is the colossal bureaucratic top-heaviness that goes with these sort of operations, and that’s not to mention the structure in Wellington...... Read More

You get what you voted for

When you increase the minimum wage you push up business costs and businesses are forced to increase prices. When you cut taxes people get more in their pocket to spend but business costs do not increase and prices do not get forced up. What part of that...... Read More

Jury out on climate change

I wish our politicians would stop assuming everyone other than they are idiots. No, Simon Bridges, we’re not so stupid as to believe that ‘climate change is bogus’ (page, 13, The Weekend Sun, June 29). The climate has been in various...... Read More

Keeping it meaningful

What am I going to do when I retire? This is a real problem for people who are still active and need to have meaningful lives. Sunrise Lions Club has the answer. For instance, if you are looking to meet new people, help your community, keep physically...... Read More

Social Credit survived test of time

The demise of The Opportunities Party is another example of a rich entrepreneur having a go at politics without any real commitment to a philosophy or core policy. Gareth Morgan joins a long list of similar people who thought money was going to buy them...... Read More