Letters to the Editor

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words maximum), supplied with the writer’s full name and contact details. Photographs are best in high resolution and jpg format. Email: letters@thesun.co.nz

Falling on deaf ears

I totally agree with Maurice O Reilly’s letter ‘Not being heard’ (The Weekend Sun, July 16, page 25). My recent oral submission to two... Read More

Farmers’ protest

(With apologies to A.A Milne) Jacinda asked her partner and her partner asked the dairy-maid, “May we have some butter for the Leader’s slice... Read More

Free speech

With the proposed changes to our Freedom of Speech laws, I, along with Simon Bridges, (The Weekend Sun, July 16, page 22) am becoming concerned that our... Read More

Bin inspectors

I cannot believe that Western Bay District Council have to have recycle bin inspectors to inspect the yellow-lidded recycle bin (The Weekend Sun, July... Read More

Spending money

Comments from our Chamber of Commerce leader in the media last week for the continuation of commissioners at Tauranga City Council should not go unchecked. The... Read More

Councillors and community boards

On Friday, council will commence its engagement with the community about the system that will be used to elect councillors at the next election. Details... Read More

Health and recreation in Greerton

The racecourse and golf course green spaces are needed to help people to have good health, and [they’re] also good for the environment. The events... Read More

The Train of Life

The train of life, chugs along on tracks unseen, You may not know where you are going, But you know where you’ve been. The train travels along, With... Read More

Kerbside Recycling

The bins come marching in. Large ones in twos. One red, one yellow, and the cadet is green. They arrive en masse, Shoulder-to-shoulder down the street. Compulsory... Read More

Local banking

Living for nine years in Pyes Pa and using Greerton for shopping, it was disappointing when my bank, BNZ, closed. The nearest BNZ was just past that Citz... Read More

Airport’s all good!

Today I learned I should not rush off to write a disgruntled ‘letter to the editor’. Yesterday I was disappointed with Tauranga Airport. I... Read More

Trains vs buses

I have read the letters about using the railway for a passenger service to Katikati. These people have obviously not been to Katikati. The railway does... Read More

On the rise

Auckland’s problems with potable water, wastewater, congestion and public transport are all bigger than Tauranga’s, yet the rate rise in Auckland... Read More

A focus on solutions

With reference to Peter Turner of Pyes Pa (The Weekend Sun, July 2, page 14) on the topic of empty buses and his observation that “the majority of... Read More

Meeting a disappointment

I was recently granted an audience with Commissioner Anne Tolley. It was a great disappointment. She showed no interest in any opinion regarding improving... Read More