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When common sense prevails

With the arrival of Tauranga City’s new big yellow Bay Hopper bus service comes new regard for the paying passenger. On Monday afternoon, a Bayhopper travelling down Chadwick Road stopped to allow an elderly lady to make her way slowly, very slowly,...... Read More

Very fortunate

Re: ‘Something is out of whack here’, The Weekend Sun, January 4, 2019. I don't know where A Bourne was working, but he must have been very fortunate. I started working in 1968 when the minimum wage was $1.40 – and my salary was...... Read More

Falls project a success

Congratulations to Tauranga City Council for approving the upgrading of the much-needed fundamental facilities at the internationally famous Omanawa Falls. Neighbours have been frustrated for a long time with the lack of car parking, so cars park all...... Read More

Forget coming to Tauranga’s CBD

As a Tauranga resident who recently arrived back in Tauranga off a cruise ship, I now know why so few tourists elect to take the shuttle into Tauranga CBD, and instead opt to go to Rotorua, Matamata or Mount Manganui - much smaller towns who understand...... Read More

Ode to middle class Kiwis

The middle class - the invisible third of New Zealand who are groaning under the weight and working all the hours God sends to fund everything in this country, But no worries, we can still pay more says this coalition government. A government who has...... Read More

Bayhopper bus madness

Behind the tinted glass windows of the new yellow Bayhopper buses hides a secret. Practically zero customers. My business is on Cameron Road, between 11th and 12th Avenues. This is in a proposed, designated clearway zone for buses. Last Thursday, between...... Read More

A strong message to litterbugs

You can have all the rules, regulations and fines you like for littering, but you are flogging a dead horse. Fines don’t work. Some people don’t care and, more often than not, fines don’t get paid.  Most people are clean, tidy...... Read More

Sustainability or ideology?

Our new bus service in Matua is so frequent, with no passengers mostly. Is this a result of transport planners’ ideology, that we must ride public transport when currently the need is not evident? The expense to our community is fossil fuel pollution...... Read More

Time to practise Robin Hood tactics

Re: ‘Something is out of whack here’, The Weekend Sun, January 4, 2019. Well, I totally agree with A Bourne of Bethlehem. Yes I certainly remember the days – late-1960s and 1970s when rents were cheap – at $4 to $6 per week! Mothers...... Read More

Wow, just wow!

Re: ‘Something is out of whack here’, The Weekend Sun, January 4, 2019. Many of us here in the Bay of Plenty have long suspected that Wellington is a different country and they do things differently there –even in 1967. In the Sun’s...... Read More