Beyond bloody mint sauce and gravy

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny I'm shilly-shallying over Christmas dinner. I am thinking a show-stopper perhaps -a highly spiced, marinated Indian-style leg of lamb - 'Sabut Raan' - spit roasted. And a whole bottle of red... Read More

Grant Haua - from Paris to Pukehinahina

Music Plus with Winston Watusi After touring Europe and Australia and being praised in Rolling Stone magazine, Grant Haua is home. He told me he's going fishing and after the last few years'... Read More

Christmas greetings!

Commission News & Views with Anne Tolley It's that time of year when so many of us are consumed by pre-Christmas tasks and responsibilities that 'just have to get done' before the holidays. If that's where you're currently... Read More

Moving through the cricket ranks

Sports correspondent & historian with Sideline Sid Six young Bay of Plenty Cricket players have been given an opportunity that could propel them to higher honours in the game. Harry Burns, Sam Clode, Sebastian Heath,... Read More

The 1985 Villach Climate Conference and the COP-28 of 2023

Weather Eye with John Maunder This week over 70,000 people will attend COP 28, the 27th gathering of the Conference of the Parties dealing with climate change. By contrast, 38 years ago a small group of 100 scientists... Read More

Arm-wrestling with the Grim Reaper – a dark story

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny We forego the usual diet of flannel, fluff and blarney to share an up-close and personal account of dancing and dicing with the UVs. I win Lotto every six months. Not a multi-million dollar... Read More

Reggae with a Rastafari message

Music Plus with Winston Watusi People tell me I take music too seriously; who am I to argue? Someone has to. This week the wit and intelligence of Kim Hill disappeared from radio - thanks for all... Read More

Do you use a turmeric supplement? – Part 5

Abundant Life with John Arts | Nutraceuticals are naturally occurring compounds that have a therapeutic benefit. This includes vitamins and plant-sourced compounds like antioxidants and inorganic sources... Read More

The history of the World Lineal Heavyweight title

Sports correspondent & historian with Sideline Sid There is plenty of noise around Joseph Parker's next fight in Saudi Arabia, against Deontay Wilder, on the 23rd December 2023. Parker will go into battle in the... Read More

A climate overview to get things into perspective

Weather Eye with John Maunder The following data sets and comments are from the website developed by Professor Ole Humlum who is a Danish Professor Emeritus of Physical Geography at the University of Oslo,... Read More

Bad-assed birds – Round 2!

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny Well, just one bandit, one enemy aircraft, swooping out of the macrocarpa and lining up on a deadly low level run at the chicken coop. 'Clobber the bastard,” the farmer told me. Black... Read More

Soundtracks, songwriters and Big Muffins

Music Plus with Winston Watusi I had intended to turn this week over to music reviews. The lede was debut album 'Soul Exodus' from John Michaelz and the Black Brothers Band, local reggae... Read More