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Going through the gears

  A team effort, 16 hour days and 70-hour weeks have gone into getting 300 bikes ready for the Good Neighbour bike drive.   The people in... Read More

Catty comments ruffle feathers

  Volunteers at Bay of Plenty animal rescues are facing verbal abuse and harassment which makes the work they do even harder.   ARRC Wildlife... Read More

Wedding celebrations going tiny

  A month deep into the wedding season and it seems couples are opting for small, rather than large scale celebrations.   Closed borders... Read More

Riding high on Christmas cheer

  More than 300 second-hand children’s bikes and 70 lawnmowers have been donated to the Good Neighbour charitable trust.   “It’s... Read More

Everyone’s a trapper

  The Whakamarama Pest Trap Library will let locals borrow pest traps to combat rodents on their property.   The trap library opens this... Read More

Great opportunity for orchid-lovers

  Orchids, growing gear and free advice from experts are on offer this weekend to anyone interested in having a go at growing the botanical beauties.   All... Read More

First place, read all about it

A sudden death play-off was required after three teams tied for first place in the final of this year’s national Kids Lit Quiz competition held... Read More

Whitebait numbers wavering

  Habitat loss, pollution, introduced fish species and fishing pressure has led to some whitebait species being at risk or threatened.   Tauranga... Read More