The writing of a book

Weather Eye with John Maunder\ Over 55 years ago in April 1968 when I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography in the University of Victoria in Canada, I remember very well when on a Wednesday morning... Read More

His Royal Highness

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny His Royal Highness ... Read More

Ukes, blues, Hekapa and ‘Garage Fuzz’...

Music Plus with Winston Watusi It seems my tidy plan for New Zealand Music Month has descended into chaos. C'est la vie. And though it's all over now, it seems the sudden glut of local music releases... Read More

Ensuring voices of our community are heard

Lobbying For Good with Erika Harvey On July 20, Tauranga will see the preliminary results of our newly-elected council. This is an exciting time for our city, but more importantly it's a time to ensure that the voices... Read More

A small band of fellow jockeys

Sports correspondent & historian with Sideline Sid On our recent trip to Queensland, I met a sportsman who collects air points like confetti and receives a myriad of petrol discounts each month. Sunshine Coast jockey... Read More

Tauranga climate data for May 2024....

Weather Eye with John Maunder May Rainfalls 1898-2023 Rainfalls for the month of May have been recorded in Tauranga since 1898 - except for 1904, 1907, 1908, and 1909. The graph shows the range of rainfalls from... Read More

Thank you for the music, Rodger

Music Plus with Winston Watusi I was ready to review a couple of local albums today when I heard Rodger Fox had died. I write in advance, of course, so by the time you read this it will be old news.... Read More

Grief – I’m brumotactillophobic

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny Love satay, crave gado gado, adore salted peanuts… BUT…despise, hate, loathe peanut butter. Figure that. Then a 500ml jars of Pic's extra crunchy was marked down 40 per cent... Read More

The 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games

Sports correspondent & historian with Sideline Sid The buildup to the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games made the media on a couple of occasions in the last week. A former Sunshine Coast Council CEO has been appointed the... Read More

Preserving Māori Democracy: A Green Battle

Green Goals with Josh Cole The Green Party has strongly opposed the elimination of Māori Wards and undoing years of advancement. This action not only disregards the principles of Te Tiriti but also deprives Māori... Read More

Biomass...and When a country runs out of rubbish 2

Weather Eye with John Maunder Some of the answers to the complexities of the climate system are given in my recently published book Fifteen shades of climate... the fall of the weather dice and the butterfly effect. The... Read More

A hardcore finale for Music Month

Music Plus with Winston Watusi Okay. Into the final straight of New Zealand Music Month. Being a month with five weekends I have two columns left: just as well as things are happening apace. I've... Read More