Anything but ordinary

Jacki Barklie, Artistic Director of Back Studio has created a new space for artists to share. Photo: John Borren.

A creative art venue opens in Tauranga next month with the space available to artists and creatives who can offer “anything but ordinary.”

Back Studio is based at a new warehouse in Tauriko boasting 170 square metres for artistic director Jacki Barklie to showcase her work and that of other local artists.

Jacki’s hope is to produce an affordable and non-elitist creative playground for local creatives.

“Being an artist myself it was always difficult finding a place to hang my art. There are a few places but they charge like wounded bulls. This could be a space that will be affordable, it's going to be approachable, it's going to be exciting.”

Jacki has used every inch of the industrial setting to create a malleable multi-purpose arena for a variety of artisans to utilise.

Moveable walls allow for adaptation to individual needs whilst a mezzanine offers a viewing platform and another area for creation. Forging an “authentic sensory experience” for the audience was of paramount importance.

“Audaciousness makes it come alive,” Jacki exclaims. “The space will just be rotating all the time and evolving. Which I think Tauranga needs. I think it needs a little injection of excitement. A place where people can pop in and have a little experience.”

Photography, fashion, textiles, woodwork, nothing is off the table with Jacki open to “wacky” ideas.

Any skilled work will be considered for exhibition at the studio with an emphasis on collaboration between artists. Artists can even share space for a more economical option.

“You don’t have to be a fine artist to be here but you have to be a skilled artist. That is where the collaboration could work.

“A lot of artists want to keep their stuff sort of private. I understand that. But for me, when I am working with another creative person, that is where the magic happens.”

The official launch is on February 12 at 5.30pm and those who attend can expect to see a collection of Jacki’s work representing a dialogue and connection with space.

For more information on Back Studio visit:

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