Domestic cats - best in show

Megan Harland and her award winning cat Sock are looking forward to this year’s show. Photo: John Borren.

Ginger, tortoiseshell, grey, white, long or short haired – the mere moggy in all its mix breed glory still gets a chance to win awards.

The Geyserland Cat Club is on the hunt for more domestic cats to join the show ranks at its Tauranga Show.

Organiser Michelle Harland says the show has always been open to all cats - pedigree, companion and domestic - but a lot more pedigrees than domestics are entered.   

Showing a cat may seem a little daunting but Michelle says it’s very easy and the club has experienced exhibitors happy to help any newcomers.

“It's easy on the day because the judges and the organisers do all the work.”

In order to show a cat, they must be in good health, a healthy weight, vaccinated and groomed which is simply brushing and clipping its claws, she says.

If your tabby is timid it might be best to be a spectator because Michelle says it’s better if the cat is more confident and often younger cats cope best.

On show day even the most experienced show cats can crack. Confident cats can be nervous on the day or cats that seem shy can shine with self-assurance, muses Michelle.

The cat lover says showing cats can be a great activity for the whole family and often junior exhibitors start with their parents then continue to show cats once they’re older.

“Kids love doing this with their parents. It’s something that the whole family can get involved with because it's just their family pet.”

Michelle and her sister Megan have been helping organise the show for the last eight years and they love the people they meet and the friendships they’ve formed.

“We have so many laughs and such a good time. There's so many characters in the cat show world,” says Megan.

The twins own and show five cats and their domestic long hair Diesel has been a national champion. He’s not competing this year but will still have a guest appearance at the Tauranga show.

Entries close June 4 and anyone interested in showing their cat can contact club secretary Dianne Le Bas on

The Geyserland Cat Club Tauranga Show is on June 13 at the Greerton Hall.

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