Himalayan yogi master coming to Mount Maunganui

Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji. Supplied image.

A Himalayan yogi master is holding a spiritual discourse and sacred gathering in Mount Maunganui.

Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is a realised master and Himalayan yogi who spent a number of years in New Zealand, before following his spiritual calling, by journeying to the Himalayan Mountains where he met many Siddh yogi masters and received their blessings.

A humble cave became his home as he delved into his intense sadhana (deep meditation). He has experienced the energy of the infinite and is empowered to share the Grace he has received with seekers.

Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is a Siddh master and meditator. A Siddh is a self-realised master who has experienced the energy of the infinite and is empowered to share the grace he has received with a genuine seeker.

 GuriJi as he is fondly referred to is here to demystify karma.

As a kundalini energy master, GuruJi also has the ability and spiritual fire energy to - energetically ‘burn’ the seekers' karmas with ‘shaktipat’ (spiritual healing transmissions).

During the interactive sessions people can learn how not to regenerate new karma in their daily life and experience peace, bliss and progress in our material and spiritual life.

GuruJi is currently on a tour around Aotearoa with a mission to cement the Karma layers of our land; Aotearoa - New Zealand with Karma Release and Healing events.

He is holding a 2 hour Satsang ( a spiritual discourse and sacred gathering) on Friday evening and a weekend karma Release event to teach about ancient wisdom and how it relates to modern life and experience deep guided meditations at  Mt Maunganui 26th - 28th November 26-28. All details www.aikamaikoham.com/events


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