The greatest in golf croquet

Tournament manager Grahame Benvie can't wait to host the World Under 21 Golf Croquet Championship. Photo: John Borren.

It's the first time ever that the World Under 21 Golf Croquet Championship will be held in New Zealand – and our local croquet clubs here in the Bay of Plenty are the lucky hosts!

The championships will run from February 8-12 and will be co-hosted by Tauranga Croquet Club and Croquet Mount Maunganui. Top players from Egypt, Australia, USA, Spain, England and New Zealand will compete in this world class event. 'We are very excited to be part of it,” says tournament manager Grahame Benvie.

Although the Bay of Plenty has none of its own youth champions in the sport, New Zealand has a very strong youth squad in golf croquet.

More gusto

Grahame says 17 of the 32 players taking part in the championships this year are Kiwis. And he has noticed that these younger croquet players compete with more gusto. 'They play their shots with a lot more force and a lot harder. They take risks that perhaps an older person wouldn't when trying to make a hoop because the objective is to score more hoops than your opposition does.”

Spectators welcome!

These promising young players will be sure to put on an exciting tournament, says Grahame.

'The game has been described as a cross between war and chess!” Spectators are welcome and entry is free. The tournament starts play 8.30am daily from February 8-12 at two venues: Croquet Mount Maunganui on Kawaka St and at Tauranga Corquet Club, Tauranga Domain, Cameron Rd. For more information on event and venue details, visit:

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