Pottery poppies to mark Anzac Day

Resident Lou Mackenzie painting her clay poppies. Photo: Supplied.

The residents of Arvida Bethlehem Views community have been working on a unique project to commemorate Anzac Day, by making pottery poppies.

There’s been lots of sculpting, painting, glazing, and firing in the kiln with each batch of poppies taking about a week to complete.    

The poppy pattern is made of a cloth concave in a disposable coffee cup with a rubber band so the residents can place the shape and mold it easily.

The idea came about when wellness leader Sue Ball saw something similar in a local garden display. 

“With Anzac Day fast approaching, I thought it would be meaningful to make poppies using the skills we have developed through our pottery programme.

“Once the poppies have dried and had the underglaze painted on, then it’s off for their first firing in the kiln which takes about ten hours,” says Sue.

The poppies are then dipped in a clear glaze and fired again in the kiln to completion.

The Bethlehem Living Well Community have had their own pottery studio and kiln for a few years now and it’s continued to gain popularity.

Sue says the residents love the resident-led pottery sessions.

“The residents enjoy the feel of sculpting clay and they think the poppies are really pretty.

“We plan to attach metal plant stands so they can be used as an ornament in the garden. It’s an original way to remind everyone about the importance of Anzac Day.”

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